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The Brattle Group

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International economic consultancy The Brattle Group provides expert testimony and economic analysis on antitrust and competition matters around the world. Our network of experts includes a Nobel laureate, professors at leading universities, a former chief economist, and former economic staff at government agencies. Brattle’s work spans numerous industries, including but not limited to technology, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, insurance, financial services, and energy.

Brattle has developed a region-based approach that enables us to work more effectively on multi-jurisdictional matters. Our growth and expertise flows throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and – most recently – Latin America. Our regional competition practice leaders include Dr. Pinar Bagci and Dr. Peter Davis, Co-Leaders of European Antitrust & Competition; Dr. Renée Duplantis, Leader of Canadian Antitrust & Competition; Veronica Irastorza, Leader of Latin American Antitrust & Competition; and Dr. Minjae Song, Leader of US Antitrust & Competition.

Brattle’s Competition team provides testimony on in-depth and high-stakes economic issues related to allegations of both anticompetitive conduct by individual dominant firms, such as conduct related to tying and bundling, and anticompetitive agreements, including price fixing and monopolization conspiracies. We provide support and expert services on both liability and damages in the context of litigation and investigations conducted by national competition authorities and government institutions.

We also support clients undertaking large-scale corporate mergers and acquisitions through competition authorities’ merger reviews, including in cases that require efficiencies evaluations. Our experience spans a variety of complex horizontal and vertical transactions internationally.

Our teams collaborate across jurisdictions and practice areas to consult on and provide expert services for relevant antitrust matters, including in regulatory and commercial cases. In Europe, we have deep experience on both claimant and defense side collective actions and litigation as well as in market investigations, mergers and acquisitions, and state aid cases. In Latin America, our work concentrates on matters regarding monopolization, vertical restraints, cartels, and mergers and acquisitions. We support clients in various countries throughout the continent, and utilize teams and experts that specialize in Mexico-, US-, and Spain-based efforts.

Website: www.brattle.com

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