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ERDEM & ERDEM routinely takes on complex competition matters and is consulted by its clients in high-risk situations, which is a measure of the trust placed in practice leaders Ercüment Erdem and Mert Karamustafaoğlu and their seven associates. The team recently represented Türk Ekonomi Bankası in two preliminary TCA investigations, both of which were concluded with no further action taken. The team also represented McDonalds and services company Arvato in a no-poach and wage-fixing investigation by the TCA into 32 businesses. In an abuse of dominance probe, Erdem & Erdem represented ticketing company Obilet Bilişim Sistemleri, helping it to avoid a fine from the TCA subject to commitments.

FirmHead(s) of competitionSizeNo. WWL nomineesClients
Erdem & ErdemMert Karamustafaoğlu, Ercüment Erdem2 partners, 7 associates0Türkiye Şişe ve Cam Fabrikaları, Türk Ekonomi Bankası, McDonalds, DyDo Drinco Turkey İçecek Satış ve Pazarlama, Vavacars Turkey Otomotiv, Obilet Bilişim Sistemleri, Gemlik Gübre Sanayii, Arvato Lojistik Dış Ticaret ve E Ticaret Hizmetleri

Erdem & Erdem is an international law firm, operating for over 35 years and dedicated to providing practical business solutions to a diverse range of local and global clients, with offices in Istanbul and Izmir in Türkiye and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The firm’s mission is to deliver high-caliber and trustworthy legal solutions by synthesizing innovative strategies with sustainable practices.

Erdem & Erdem advises its clients in all areas of law, particularly cross-border business transactions, M&As, competition and antitrust, corporate restructuring, international contracts, banking and finance, project finance, energy and renewable, privatizations and PPPs, private equity investments, capital markets, litigation, tax law, execution and bankruptcy, and international arbitration. Erdem & Erdem, with its broad expertise in industry-specific regulations, assists companies in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction and infrastructure, port management, energy, mining, heavy industry, retail, and automotive, in all of their legal transactions.

Erdem & Erdem has a collaborative competition team that investigates every possibility, asks every question, and strives for the greatest solutions by researching, learning, discussing, and sharing their knowledge with one another. The team takes a unique, client-centered approach to competition law, an area where fresh ideas are developed daily and which necessitates swift answers to emerging economic and technological trends.

Erdem & Erdem’s competition law experts respond to the clients’ various legal needs as they deal with a range of competition law concerns in a dynamic economy. From the standpoint of Turkish and European Union competition laws, Erdem & Erdem provides its clients with comparative studies of competition evaluations, antitrust programs, mergers and acquisitions, contract design, and dealership systems.

Erdem & Erdem especially excels in providing comprehensive competition law services with a focus on investigations, abuse of dominance, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance.

The team is well prepared to navigate competition investigations by representing clients at all stages before the Competition Authority and providing strategic legal advice. The firm focuses on determining the appropriate legal strategy for investigations based on various allegations, considering factors such as concerted practices, price fixing and agreements. To this end, the firm not only represents its clients before the Competition Authority but also creates a comprehensive strategy for them. The team closely monitors developments in many sectors and, when necessary, alerts the clients to take action in the face of changes that may require a review of competition law. Also, the team conducts competition screenings to ensure that the client is ready for on-site inspections by the Competition Authority.

In abuse of dominance cases, they provide preventive legal consultancy to dominant undertakings, particularly in dynamic sectors like banking and telecommunications. In terms of mergers and acquisitions, Erdem & Erdem applies private law experience to ensure compliance with competition law, aiming to avoid investigations and uncertainties that may impact costs and reputation.

Erdem & Erdem's competition team also implements tailor-made competition law compliance programs. The firm closely monitors evolving competition law concepts, technological changes, and global legal developments, designs programs tailored to the specific needs of each firm, and provides competition law training to its clients. In this way, the firm aims to provide a safe and efficient framework that allows clients to internalize competition law compliance as an integral part of their business policies rather than a burdensome requirement.

Co-chairs: H. Ercüment Erdem ([email protected]) and Mert Karamustafaoğlu ([email protected])

Website: https://www.erdem-erdem.av.tr/en

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