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Keystone Strategy, LLC

Keystone Strategy, LLC

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Keystone | Economics, Technology & Strategy Consulting

Keystone is an innovative economics, technology, and strategy consulting firm helping to solve problems at the intersection of business, technology, and law. Leaders of top-tier law firms, global corporations, and regulatory agencies turn to our 20 years of experience in technology markets to calibrate their perspectives today and help cohere their vision for the future. We combine the strategic insights of leading experts from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, and other top universities with the practical industry expertise of our accomplished consulting professionals.

Delivering transformative ideas through uncommon service

Founded in 2002, Keystone has worked at the forefront of influential technology matters changing consumer behavior and impacting society on a global scale. Our team brings an interdisciplinary approach to consulting, leveraging the expertise of our “triad” of focus areas: economics and data science, technology and engineering, and business strategy to deliver transformative ideas through uncommon service.

Since Keystone’s debut on the Global Competition Review’s annual ranking of consulting groups in 2020, we continue to offer a wide array of advisory work to some of the world’s most valuable companies, including digital platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Our firm has also done work evaluating antitrust theories of harm related to privacy and algorithmic markets. We work alongside competition authorities globally including those in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

We greatly appreciate the previous recognitions from the Global Competition Review of Keystone’s unique approach to questions of competition in technology markets. To learn more about our team and our experience, visit

Website: www.keystonestrategy.com or www.keystone.ai.

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