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Analysis Group, Inc

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Antitrust has been a core focus of Analysis Group’s work for 40 years. From our 14 offices in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, we integrate industrial organization theory, industry-specific expertise, and the latest quantitative analytical methods to shed light on the conduct and market dynamics at issue in antitrust litigation, merger reviews, and market investigations.

In a wide range of industries and markets, our economic, technical, and industry experts provide research and analytical support to counsel, prepare expert reports, and testify in complex antitrust and competition assignments involving class certification and collective proceedings, liability, quantum of damages, pass-through, labor markets, innovation, quality, and efficiencies.

Alongside our antitrust and competition work, we provide expertise in economics, finance, intellectual property, health care analytics, and strategy to top law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Drawing on our global network of internal experts and affiliated experts from academia, industry, and government, we offer our clients exceptional depth of analysis.

Cartels: We frequently provide economic and market analyses and testimony in both criminal and civil matters involving cartel allegations in many different industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and food processing. In 2022, this work figured prominently in two high-profile cases involving price-fixing, wage-fixing, and no-poach agreements:

  • On behalf of five individual defendants in a criminal matter brought by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) over broiler chicken meat pricing, our testifying expert Professor Edward Snyder showed that an analysis of economic data and industry business practices did not support the DOJ’s theory of price-fixing and bid rigging. Following a five-week trial, a jury acquitted all five defendants.
  • As the sole economic expert for the defense in U.S. v. DaVita Inc. and Kent Thiry, the first criminal no-poach case brought by the DOJ to go to trial, Analysis Group President Pierre Cremieux provided economic and hiring analyses that successfully countered allegations that the defendants had conspired with three other health care companies to allocate labor. After being allowed to question Dr. Cremieux in depth about his testimony, the jury found DaVita and its former CEO Kent Thiry not guilty on all charges. Subsequently, the American Bar Association (ABA) invited Dr. Cremieux to join its exclusive international cartel workshop to discuss this case and his other work from the unique perspective of a testifying economist.

Digital Platforms: Analysis Group has significant and ongoing involvement with multi-sided digital and transaction platform markets in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, involving competition and economic analyses for litigation support, market studies, white papers, and articles. Our work in the digital and technology sectors goes back decades and includes many of the world’s largest digital platforms, payment services, and online media companies.

Merger Reviews: Our experts have provided antitrust analyses and testimony in some of the most significant horizontal and vertical mergers around the world in a diverse range of industries, including multi-sided digital and transaction platforms, media and telecommunications, health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, oil and gas, luxury and consumer goods, and retail. In merger control matters, our economists routinely:

  • Evaluate potential coordinated and unilateral effects
  • Define relevant markets and assess market concentration
  • Analyze barriers to entry
  • Estimate impacts on efficiencies, innovation, labor, and other market factors
  • Support the design of optimal remedies

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology: The pharmaceutical industry continues to be an important area of focus for our antitrust work, including high-profile matters involving allegations of delayed generic entry through reverse payment or product hopping.  

Website: www.analysisgroup.com/

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