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Professional notice


ACTECON is a competition, international trade, and regulations advisory firm active in Turkish market for the last two decades. We offer effective strategies from law & economics perspective, ensuring that strategic business objectives, practices, and economic activities comply with competition law, international trade rules and regulations. ACTECON draws its strength from its committed and solution-oriented team, extensive sector-specific knowledge, local and multinational expertise, and know-how on the insights of the business world. The firm creates a meaningful difference through its in-depth understanding of the global competition and the challenges of the global economy. Our working principles include work ethic, commitment to provide value-added service and consistency in every aspect.

ACTECON has represented and assisted both domestic and foreign companies in several cases in Turkey and abroad, working alongside clients and law firms. During its two decades of practice ACTECON had many projects especially in competition law related investigations in which ACTECON managed to get positive results for its clients. ACTECON is best known for his success in defending his clients before the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) against full-fledged competition investigations in which ACTECON is successful closing the investigation without administrative fines on behalf of its clients.  ACTECON is also successful in completing the merger notification filings in a short period of time  benefiting its clients with early clearance, enabling them to conclude the overall mergers and acquisitions process in different jurisdictions. In rare cases where the TCA makes a thorough market analysis in relation to complex mergers requiring in-depth review, the TCA may require structural or behavioural commitments from the undertakings. ACTECON assists its clients in devising commitments and preparing periodical reports to the TCA, also monitoring the compliance of the undertaking to the commitments. 

Our practice differs from other law firms in the sense that ACTECON is laser focused on competition law issues. Contrary to other law firms engaged in different practices, we devote our utmost attention and resources to competition law. Thanks to completing many competition investigations and competition compliance programs, ACTECON is knowledgeable about the inner workings of the TCA and provides its clients the right direction to be taken in investigations, taking into consideration the positive and negative aspects of companies’ competition compliance issues.  ACTECON has the ability to offer in house economic analysis in abuse of dominance and damage calculation investigations. Combining its economic analysis ability with competition law know-how, ACTECON offers a unique value proposition to its clients.

Our Competition Law practice combines legal and economic analysis of the investigated case so that our clients benefit from strong arguments to the furthest extent. Most of the competition law investigations involve alleged market dominance of leading firms in their relevant markets which require economics-based defences. Unlike most law firms only capable of preparing legal based arguments while defending their clients, ACTECON can prepare analysis of excessive pricing and predatory pricing cases in which the alleged violation of Competition Law may be refuted by showing that the market practices of the client are in line with competitive market behaviour.

The team has extensive knowledge of various industries, especially in finance/corporate banking, optics/eyewear, online e-commerce platforms, chemical production, media and entertainment, digital music distribution, telecommunications, fertilizer production, container handling and transportation, media auditing, FMCG, steel, automotive, cement/ready-mix concrete, Ro-Ro transportation, traffic insurance, reinsurance/coinsurance, and solar energy.

ACTECON operates in line with its ethical principals also mentioned in its web site as its core values. ACTECON abides by these values since its establishment in 2003. According to these principles, we support fair employment opportunities for youth, women, and people with disabilities, and we promote practices that contribute to economic and social development. These business principles constitute the cornerstones of our diversity policy.


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