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Yangming Partners has developed probably the most active antitrust and competition law practice among law firms in Taiwan, with particular stand-out expertise in merger control practice. Our antitrust and competition law practice team is comprised of three partners, one counsel and four associates. The team is led by Fran Wang, who has more than 10 years experience in competition matters. Another senior partner in the team, Charles Hwang, has more than 25 years experience. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with swift and accurate advice on the best approaches for handling the issues they face.

We also have strong relationships with several leading international law firms, many of which we have worked with on a significant number of foreign-to-foreign mergers that affect Taiwan. Over the past two decades, we have worked on hundreds of combination filings for various clients, most of whom are Fortune 500 companies. The industries involved include: semiconductors, telecommunications, food, pharmaceuticals, health care, media, airlines, financial services, vehicles, cargo transportation, cyber security, energy, chemicals, steel, and mining sectors. For all of these cases, we were able to successfully either secure approval from the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (“TFTC”) to waive its jurisdiction over these transactions or were able to secure clearance without any conditions. For example, in just the last several years, we were able to successfully secure clearance without any conditions within three months after filing for cases involving AbbVie’s acquisition of Allergan and LSEG’s acquisition of Refinitive. Naturally, the above does not include the advice we have given on countless potential merger control filing cases in Taiwan. So, we are not only fully up-to-date on the most common issues/matters that foreign clients and firms encounter, but also are able to convey the requirements of the TFTC in a clear and efficient manner to foreign clients and firms.

In addition to merger control cases, we have significant experience in the areas of cartel and other anti-competition cases. The following is a list of just some of the cases handled by our team over the past few years:

  •  Represented two global maritime shipping companies in their defense against a cartel investigation by the TFTC.
  •  Provided analysis and legal opinion on TFTC approval for concerted actions in the airline industry.
  •  Provided analysis and legal opinion to a global IT giant regarding abuse of dominance and anti-competition issues related to licensing practices.
  •  Provided legal opinions to luxury brands regarding anti-competition issues related to sales/authorizations and price limits.
  •  Provided analysis to a large multinational corporation regarding abuse of dominance issues.
  •  Represented a Japanese capacitor manufacturer in its defense against a cartel investigation by the TFTC.  

Our antitrust and competition law practice group also maintains close and long-term relationships with the TFTC. In one very high-profile merger control matter involving a party with dominance in the computer software industry and that resulted in the imposition of remedies, we assisted the TFTC by providing information on the potential legal and economic impact of the merger on Taiwan industries.

In order to better serve of our customers, we issue frequent newsletters on important decisions of the TFTC and/or developments involving the Taiwan Fair Trade Act (“TFTA”) and its related rules. You are welcome to contact Fran Wang directly at 886-2-8725-6607 or [email protected] if you are interested in receiving this newsletter or need any information on the TFTA.

Website: www.yangminglaw.com

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