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Professional notice

Located at the heart of İstanbul’s financial district Levent, Balcıoğlu Selçuk Ardıyok Keki Attorney Partnership (BASEAK) Competition, Public Policy and Regulation team assists both national and multinational clients in competition law and regulatory matters with its young and dynamic team consisting of promising competition lawyers.

Evident from the never-ending list of accomplishments, Şahin Ardıyok and his team are renowned for successfully undertaking and concluding one-of-a-kind competition cases. Intentionally expanding their practices in the overlooked area of Turkish competition law, administrative procedures, the team victoriously demonstrated its capabilities not only before the Turkish Competition Authority but also before the administrative courts.

Indeed, the team assisted Henkel in a judicial review process, which concerned the annulment of a past TCA decision, which led to hefty administrative fines imposed, based on resale price maintenance allegations. In a complex pattern of supportive arguments, the team laid down the theoretical background of the relevant violation and challenged the fining decision based on the law & economics discipline. Team’s comprehensive know-how of and vast experience in competition law as well as administrative law procedures have led to the ground-breaking annulment of the TCA decision in question by the highest administrative court in Turkey, the Council of State – a case that is quite unprecedented in Turkish practice. The case was referred to as “unwinnable” by so many, yet the team put in years of unwavering effort to secure this precedent-setting achievement. BASEAK has also made its success heard in other ground-breaking administrative procedures, examples being the annulment of hefty administrative fines imposed on an energy company and redefining attorney-client privilege in Turkish competition law.

Şahin Ardıyok, who served in the early days of the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) with the highest honours as a competition expert, proudly leads BASEAK’s young, promising and gender-balanced Competition, Public Policy, and Regulation Team. The Team provides top-notch legal services to its clients in competition law and regulatory matters and utilizes its close collaboration with Dentons to reach Clients all over the world. Key practice areas of the team other than competition law include, public policy and regulation, data protection, international trade, fin-tech, white collar crimes, anti-corruption and bribery, US sanctions, customs, banking, energy, telecommunications, agriculture, healthcare, product regulation and consumer law.

Consisting of lawyers, academics, economists (nominated by the GCR as “the Economist of the Year” in 2020), IT forensics expert and former regulatory authority servants with deep-rooted experience in regulated markets and firms, the team handles entire array of competition law services. Team members obtained their graduate degrees in law and economics schools in the US, the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Turkey. To crown it all, the team consists of Certified Information Privacy Professionals who contribute to data-related competition law matters through a holistic perspective.

Website: www.baseak.com

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