GCR 100 2020

Analysis Group

Analysis Group

Professional notice

Global headMartha Samuelson
Home jurisdictionUS
Total size of firm757
Competition economists265
% of firm specialised35%
Who’s Who Legal: Competition nominees8
Group oneN/A
Group twoN/A
Group threeN/A
Group fourN/A
Lateral hires3
Internal promotions10

The huge team at Analysis Group works across a broad range of sectors, including healthcare, transport, financial services and technology. The team is led by Who Who Legal nominee Martha Samuelson, and offers global competition experts in their offices in Belgium, Canada, France, the UK and throughout the US, as well as many affiliated experts worldwide.

The consultancy has worked with multiple significant global players during the research period. It advised Facebook during the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s inquiry into digital platforms, which focused on competition in digital advertising and data, social media, and the distribution of news and information. It helped Qualcomm defend against separate allegations by Apple and the US Federal Trade Commission that the company acted anticompetitively in its licensing business and chip business, and used its strong market position in each area to reinforce its position in the other. Qualcomm and Apple settled their claims against each other, while a federal appellate court in August 2019 stayed an injunction against Qualcomm’s conduct.

Analysis Group provided a testifying expert for the pharmaceutical company Allergan, which is defending against a class action that alleges delayed entry of a generic version of Asacol. The work involved analysing data regarding the nature of uninjured class members, changes to the competitive environment, and the estimated share of uninjured class members. In October 2018, a federal appellate court overturned the class certification.

In China, the consultancy advised Panjing Dongxing Oil Well Measure Service in a case in which the company alleged monopolisation, abuse of market power and refusal to deal. The case was heard in the Chinese intellectual property court.

The team has worked on cartel matters in different sectors of the transport industry, including litigation in European, US and Canadian courts. It has advised defendants in multiple class actions, in cases that have involved several types of benchmark indices, exchange-traded derivatives and other financial instruments. It has also worked with both plaintiffs and defendants in class action cases alleging collusion to restrict competition in specific labour markets.

Antitrust has been a core focus of Analysis Group’s work since our inception in 1981. We integrate industrial organization theory, industry-specific expertise, and the latest quantitative analytical methods to understand the conduct and market dynamics at issue in antitrust litigation and merger investigations. We have demonstrated our expertise in complex assignments related to class certification, antitrust liability, antitrust damages, and the competitive effects of proposed mergers and acquisitions.

Our antitrust work covers a range of industries and markets, including many of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy such as health care, transportation, financial services, and high tech. We are deeply involved in issues driving changes in merger reviews and the antitrust landscape, such as the enormous growth of online and digital businesses, and the ongoing discussion of how to adapt methodological approaches in this evolving environment.

Over the last decade, our experts have provided analysis and testimony in some of the most significant mergers and government competition investigations. These include reviews of proposed horizontal and vertical mergers that have the potential to reshape many industries, including media and telecommunications markets and health care. We have also been retained by government oversight agencies and by major technology companies in landmark cases involving balancing competition and intellectual property rights for high tech and digital network businesses, as well as in some of the largest alleged cartel cases in industries such as credit cards, technology, transportation, and financial services. In addition, our antitrust work continues to focus on the pharmaceutical industry, where we have been involved in a substantial number of high-profile reverse payment, product hopping, and delayed generic entry matters.  

In addition to our antitrust and competition work, we provide expertise in economics, finance, health care analytics, and strategy to top law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Our internal experts, together with our network of affiliated experts from academia, industry, and government, offer our clients exceptional depth of expertise.


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