GCR 100 - 19th Edition


Professional notice

United States: Illinois

Under the leadership of Amy Manning, the Chicago-based antitrust group at McGuire Woods represents a multibillion-dollar, global healthcare company as a plaintiff alleging that a competitor abused its monopoly by using exclusive dealing arrangements to foreclose potential competitors from the active pharmaceutical ingredient critical to entering and competing in the market and resulting in a 2,600% price increase for the drug. In February 2017, the New Jersey federal court denied the motion to dismiss, and the case remains pending.

McGuireWoods also obtained a directed verdict for Argos USVI in an antitrust case tried in the US District Court for the US Virgin Islands.

McGuireWoods’ global team of antitrust and international trade lawyers excels at finding creative, practical ways for clients to compete aggressively while minimising risks. We serve clients around the globe in virtually every significant area of antitrust and competition law, including:

  • antitrust litigation and government investigations;
  • antitrust audits, compliance programmes and counselling;
  • class action litigation;
  • debarment proceedings;
  • European competition, international trade and EU regulatory;
  • grand jury investigations and criminal prosecutions;
  • international cartel investigations;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • private treble damage litigation; and
  • state aid within the EU.

As imaginative problem-solvers in civil, criminal and regulatory matters, we have served as counsel in major proceedings, such as the auto parts litigation, the cabotage shipping antitrust litigation, polyurethane foam antitrust litigation and the vitamins litigation. We are hired to think strategically, manage risk, and successfully resolve disputes involving allegations of price fixing, bid rigging, monopolisation, attempts to monopolise, predatory pricing, tying arrangements, price discrimination and many other claims.

As business counselors, our lawyers solve the antitrust business issues that clients face daily. We have an extensive amount of experience creating and implementing antitrust compliance programmes for many companies, including policy drafting, annual training, and auditing.

We are also leaders in the antitrust community. Eight McGuireWoods lawyers hold leadership positions in the American Bar Association’s section of antitrust law, the world’s leading professional organisation for antitrust and competition law.

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