Topic: Supply restrictions

Ex-Vyera exec describes strategy to prevent competition

Vyera Pharmaceuticals purchased the parasite-fighting drug Daraprim with the intention of foreclosing generic competition, a former executive has said.

16 December 2021

EU concludes first settlement in ethanol benchmark cartel

The European Commission has fined Abengoa €20 million after the energy company confessed its role in a cartel that rigged ethanol benchmarks, manipulating the price of biofuel used in vehicles across Europe.

10 December 2021

Concrete makers face multi-billion cartel damages claim in Brazil

The Brazilian public prosecutors' office is seeking €6.4 billion in follow-on damages from six concrete producers after the country’s competition watchdog found they cartelised the cement sector for 20 years.

16 November 2021

Canadian court denies class certification to DRAM purchasers

A Canadian federal court has refused to certify a proposed antitrust class action against dynamic random access memory manufacturers, after finding no precedent to support claims of a conspiracy to suppress the supply of a product.

15 November 2021

Korea clamps down on chicken cartel

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has fined seven of the country’s leading Samgye chicken producers a collective €18.1 million for agreeing to fix the prices of meat used in traditional ginseng soup.

12 October 2021

India issues second-ever RPM fine

India’s competition authority has fined Maruti Suzuki nearly €23 million for imposing a maximum discount policy on its dealers and using anonymous shopping agencies to monitor their sales.

24 August 2021

Mexico hits drug distributors with highest possible fine

Mexico’s competition enforcer has fined five drug distributors, an industry association and 21 executives the highest possible combined sanction of €38.5 million, while also disqualifying senior company employees for the first time in its history.

17 August 2021

Parallel import restrictions violate antitrust law, Russian court rules

A Moscow court has affirmed the Russian antitrust enforcer’s ruling that it was unlawful for Daimler and KYB to restrict independent importers from importing original auto parts under trademark.

16 August 2021

Portugal issues private health sector with SO over collective bargaining

The Portuguese Competition Authority has accused five hospitals and their business association of coordinating negotiation strategies to fix prices of services offered to public agencies, but lawyers have warned the case could mean “the end of collective bargaining” for professional organisations.

30 July 2021

EU unveils revised VBER

The European Commission has published its draft updated vertical block exemption regulation and related guidelines after almost three years of consultation and review.

09 July 2021

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