“GCR is a wonderful resource for an academic and indeed for anyone who wants the latest word on the evolving antitrust landscape – whether by way of decisions, judgments, investigations, comment, interviews, policy debates, ratings, or platforms to spotlight people, agencies and ideas that are making their mark.”

  • Professor Eleanor Fox, New York University School of Law


Keep up to date with the most crucial developments

GCR curates the day’s news from around the globe and analyses key developments in the competition community with comment from multiple perspectives.

Know who’s who and where in the market

With full counsel lists and specialist antitrust rankings, GCR enables readers to identify and track both the individuals working on the most significant cases and the top competition practices across the globe.

Be part of the discussion from anywhere in the world

GCR offers comprehensive coverage of all major competition conferences, including 16 GCR Live events, helping you take the temperature of the enforcers' priorities and goals - with information directly from the source.

Make data-backed decisions

GCR offers detailed data-led analysis of how active and effective the major enforcement agencies are, plus access to Enforcer Tracker, our tool that offers a wealth of enforcement data to inform your strategy and decisions.

Hear from experts on the ground in over 100 jurisdictions

Regional reviews, guides and comparative tools contextualise local law and enforcement policy, and analyse key developments to help you focus on what you need to know.

Gain insider knowledge of regulators and avoid jurisdictional risk

Regular interviews with senior officials, rapid reports of keynote speeches and rankings of enforcement agencies enable readers to forecast regulators’ direction of travel.

  • Our dedicated team of journalists based in London and Washington, DC produce digestible commentary on that day's key deals, cases and enforcement matters worldwide, with full counsel lists, essential policy updates and news from the competition community.
  • In-depth features on antitrust enforcement worldwide, including interviews with enforcers.
  • GCR has an online archive of over 29,000 articles charting over 20 years of valuable case data and community news.
  • A unique view of the American litigation landscape with in-depth daily news, analysis and commentary on US developments from our team based in DC.
  • GCR USA Tipline offers short-form news and notes from around the antitrust world. From former agency directors leading partners, we frequently ask to the key individuals about current trends and their experience in antitrust in our Q&A section.
  • The GCR 100: a guide to the world's leading competition law and economics practices provides readers with extensive qualitative analysis of antitrust groups in jurisdictions around the world.
  • Rating Enforcement: the annual ranking of the world's leading competition authorities provides an extensive evaluation of their performance and how they compare with each other. We also produce Emerging Enforcers, a guide to some of the world's younger, developing antitrust and competition enforcement agencies.
  • Through our country survey series GCR ranks the competition practices in firms in jursidictions across the world, accompanied by analysis of current market trends and interviews with the local enforcement agency.
  • Every year, GCR celebrates the top achievers within the competition community through our Awards, held in April in Washington, DC.
  • Regional reviews deliver expert-written specialist intelligence and research on the Americas, Europe and the African, Middle Eastern and Asia-Pacific regions to help readers navigate the world's increasingly complex competition regimes.
  • Covering areas like antimonopoly and unilateral conduct, information exchange and state aid, the cross-jurisdictional Know-how provides a quick-and-easy reference tool with its Q&A format.
  • The Handbook of Competition Economics provides unique insight into and analysis of current and future competition economics trends. The Handbook of Competition Enforcement Agencies provides key contacts and a Q&A with over 80 competition authorities, as well as unique insight into contemporary enforcement from private practice lawyers.
  • Beginning with GCR's Guide to Energy Market Manipulation, GHCR's Guide series gives in-depth expert analysis on particular areas within competition law and practice.
  • GCR's EU cartel analysis procides a data-set and analysis examing European Commision cartel fines from 2005-2016. While our global cartel analysis is a package of stories and data visualisations analysing global cartel enforcement over the past 20 years to help explain and quantify the effect international cartel enforcement has had on the global economy.
  • Law firm timelines follow the evolution of Big Law, mapping the growth and development of the world’s elite antitrust groups, through interactive timelines and interviews with the lawyers who helped those groups grow.
  • GCR’s Enforcer Tracker is a unique workflow tool that allows users to quickly review long term competition enforcement trends across the globe and delve into the granular details of the specific actions taken by the most important regulators. It allows practitioners to provide essential risk analysis to clients in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Enforcer Tracker allows you to see trends in enforcement across 39 jurisdictions over the last 11 years. Dig deep into 460 merger and cartel cases across 8 of the world’s leading enforcement agencies: the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, the EU’s DG Comp, Germany’s Federal Cartel Office, Brazil’s CADE, Spain’s CNMC, France’s Competition Authority, and Mexico’s COFECE. More agencies to follow in the coming months.
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