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EU opens 39 probes into Belgian tax scheme after court loss

The European Commission has opened 39 separate investigations into multinational companies that it suspects received illegal state aid from the Belgian government.

16 September 2019

UK appeals state aid tax decision to General Court

The United Kingdom has appealed against a European Commission decision finding it granted illegal state aid to several multinational companies.

21 June 2019

UK must recover illegal state aid

The European Commission has ordered the UK to recover illegal aid that the country granted to certain multinational companies, as the commission found part of an anti-tax avoidance scheme violated EU state aid rules.

03 April 2019

EU court's state aid ruling unlikely to affect Apple case, lawyers say

The EU’s General Court has struck down a European Commission decision finding that Belgium granted unlawful tax relief to to at least 66 companies, but lawyers do not expect the ruling to have much of a bearing on upcoming challenges to more high-profile state aid tax cases.

15 February 2019

UK prepares for Brexit with new state aid rules and personnel

The UK’s new state aid regime, which is set to be introduced when the country leaves the European Union, will be “as similar to the European Commission’s current procedural rules as possible”, the UK enforcer has confirmed.

23 January 2019

EU probes Netherlands over Nike tax rulings

The European Commission has launched an in-depth investigation into whether Dutch tax rulings issued between 2006 and 2015 to global sportswear company Nike amounted to illegal state aid.

10 January 2019

State aid official: we need right toolkit to define selectivity principle

The European Court of Justice’s recent Heitkamp Bauholding ruling shows the importance the courts attach to the selectivity principle in state aid – but the European Commission lacks “the right toolkit” to define the correct reference system in such cases, a commission official has said.

12 October 2018

EU has made private enforcement in state aid less attractive, says lawyer

The European Commission and EU courts have made state aid private enforcement “less appealing and less attractive” by ignoring national court judgments, a state aid lawyer has said.

11 October 2018

Luxembourg didn’t give McDonald’s illegal state aid, commission finds

The European Commission has found the “double non-taxation” of McDonald’s profits in Luxembourg does not amount to illegal state aid, but rather derives from a difference in US and Luxembourg tax laws.

19 September 2018

Brexit imposition of state aid on CMA worries lawyers

The UK government has said it will apply a “common rulebook” regarding state aid upon Britain’s exit from the European Union, but practitioners are concerned that the UK’s national competition authority does not currently have the resources to take on this role.

09 July 2018

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