Work Area: State Aid

DG Comp offers “informal” coronavirus guidance

The European Commission is “ready to guide” companies and lawyers on acceptable cooperation agreements during the coronavirus pandemic.

31 March 2020

Flybe rescue is state aid, RyanAir alleges

RyanAir has joined calls for the UK government to share details of the “billionaire bailout” reportedly granted to failing airline Flybe, claiming any such loan is illegal state aid.

29 January 2020

UK Conservative Party plans to scrap EU state aid rules

The UK’s Conservative Party has proposed to scrap EU state aid rules and move the country to a new regime based on World Trade Organisation commitments on restricting harmful subsidies.

29 November 2019

EU reviews Thomas Cook subsidiary bailout

The European Commission is considering whether the German government’s anticipated €380 million bailout of Condor Airlines amounts to unlawful state aid.

30 September 2019

Starbucks wins and Fiat loses at General Court

An EU court has annulled a European Commission decision forcing the Netherlands to recover state aid from Starbucks, but upheld its decision finding that Luxembourg granted unlawful aid to Fiat Chrysler.

24 September 2019

Apple state aid decision is “beneath the commission”, Ireland tells EU court

The European Commission’s decision ordering Ireland to collect up to €13 billion in allegedly unpaid taxes from Apple is “untethered from reality” and violates fundamental rights of defence, counsels to Ireland and Apple have claimed.

18 September 2019

State aid recovery cannot fully restore competition, EU official says

Restoring effective competition to where it would have been in the absence of wrongful state aid “is never going to happen,” a European Commission official has said.

18 September 2019

Mosso: DG Comp will “rethink” state aid rules

The European Commission will review and reform state aid rules during the next five-year political mandate, its deputy director-general of state aid has said.

17 September 2019

Apple is world’s largest taxpayer, counsel tells General Court

Apple has claimed the European Commission’s 2017 state aid decision against it stepped outside the enforcer’s remit in an attempt to “harmonise” diverging national tax regimes.

17 September 2019

EU opens 39 probes into Belgian tax scheme after court loss

The European Commission has opened 39 separate investigations into multinational companies that it suspects received illegal state aid from the Belgian government.

16 September 2019

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