Topic: Standalone claims

Israeli judge approves Coca Cola class action

An Israeli court has certified a standalone class action against Coca Cola, which is accused of abusing its dominant position in the soft drinks market by setting excessive prices.

21 January 2019

Swedish court throws out Net at Once standalone claim

Sweden’s Patents and Markets Court has dismissed telecommunications provider Net at Once’s standalone lawsuit against Göteborg Energi GothNet for alleged abuse of dominance, after finding the company failed to produce analysis on the alleged relevant market.

13 February 2018

CAT removes hurdle to rail safety standalone claim

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has ruled that a training accreditation organisation is an undertaking for the purposes of competition law, clearing the way for an abuse of dominance claim against the company.

07 July 2017

CAT backs claimant in first fast-track judgment

The UK’s specialised competition court has said the Law Society of England and Wales abused its dominant position as an accreditation body in the UK’s first-ever fast-track case.

26 May 2017

Hong Kong court throws out “spurious” stand-alone competition claim

Hong Kong’s High Court has ruled that it cannot oversee stand-alone lawsuits against alleged breaches of competition law and that it is for Hong Kong’s competition enforcer – not private parties – to bring complaints to the jurisdiction’s specialist antitrust court.

15 May 2017

Claimant withdraws UK’s first opt-out class certification request

Dorothy Gibson has withdrawn her application to launch an opt-out class action against a mobility scooters manufacturer, as the expected damages would not outweigh the cost of the litigation.

15 May 2017

Canadian court rejects shipper’s jurisdiction challenge

A Canadian court has thrown out a challenge to its jurisdiction brought by vessel operator Höegh Autoliners, which faces allegations of colluding to fix the price of shipping new automobiles into British Columbia.

29 November 2016

Hong Kong judge examines private litigation

20 October 2016

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