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    Colombia: Colombia's authority shows intense activity

    Premium - November 01, 2005

    November 2005

    Since 1998, Colombia's competition authority has had judicial powers to decide unfair trade and consumer protection cases, mostly notably related to mergers and anticompetitve practices. It has been using them intensively in the past months.Alfonso Miranda...


    Premium - January 10, 2017

    GCR 100 - 17th Edition

    ... youthfully enthusiastic enforcer - are keeping Colombia's antitrust lawyers busy. Elite ESGUERRA ASESORES JURIDICOS is a new name for the firm formerly known as Esguerra Barrera Arriaga, but the competition practice continues to be headed ... three cartels - notebooks, tissue paper and diapers - as the multinational cleaned house in its local subsidiary. Esguerra Asesores acts for Koba in the supermarket chain's conflict with Mercadería in the "hard discount" retail wars. The firm ...

    Merger creates new Colombian firm

    Premium - November 09, 2005

    Colombian competition boutique Miranda & Jaramillo has merged with Esguerra Gamba Barrera Arriaga & Asociados, which specialises in arbitration, administrative and labour law.The new firm, to be called Esguerra Gamba Barrera Arriaga Miranda Piquero González y Jaramillo, was created on 1 September. "We decided to merge the two firms in response to the increasing needs of the market for specialised yet comprehensive legal advice," says Alfonso Miranda Londoño. Miranda will head ...

    Colombia considers revised law

    Premium - September 14, 2005

    Colombia's congress has issued a new law that alters how unfair trade cases are heard.According to Alfonso Londoño, a local competition specialist with Esguerra Gamba Barrera Arriaga Miranda Piquero González y Jaramillo, the amendment is a tweak rather than whole-sale reform: "This was a long awaited [step] to bring stability and clarity to unfair competition cases." The change reduces the number of legal paths an unfair case can take - they will now primarily be heard ...


    Premium - December 08, 2015

    GCR 100 - 16th Edition

    ... media-friendly enforcer and burgeoning private damages claims. Elite Alfonso Miranda Londoño, head of competition at Esguerra Barrera Arriaga, is widely acclaimed as the grand old man of Colombian competition law - though, as is typical ... represented more than a dozen companies recently in administrative investigations, and to a lesser extent, private litigation. Esguerra Barrera stands up for two different telecoms providers being sued under unfair competition laws by content ...

    Colombia: new merger rules ushered in

    Premium - November 01, 2006

    November 2006

    Colombia's competition authority has passed a resolution modifying the rules on merger controlAlfonso Miranda Londoño Esguerra Barrera Arriaga, BogotaOn 25 August, Colombia's general competition authority - the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce - issued a new resolution which modifies the General Unified Regulation issued in 2000, and amends Colombia's merger control rules.The resolution gives the SIC the authority to review mergers before they are completed and to oppose ...

    Colombia improves competition law

    Premium - October 01, 2005

    October 2005

    Columbia's new competition law will greatly improve SIC's ability to handle unfair competition cases. Alfonso Miranda Londoño Esguerra Gamba Barrera Arriaga Miranda Piquero González y Jaramillo BogotáLaw 962, 2005, recently issued by Congress, orders the application of civil procedure to unfair trade cases tried before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC). This is a longawaited reform that will undoubtedly bring stability and clarity to unfair competition cases ...

    Colombian retailer buys closest rival

    Premium - September 08, 2006

    Colombia's largest retailer, Almacenes Exito, is buying a controlling stake in Carulla Vivero, the country's number two.The deal, reportedly worth $433 million, was announced on 23 August. The combined company will have a 45 per cent share ... Marcela Piedrahita Brigard & Urrutia Abogados SA Partner Sergio Michelsen in Bogota was assisted by Jaime Moya Esguerra Barrera Arriaga Miranda Piquero González y Jaramillo Partner Alfonso Miranda in Bogota Brigard & Urrutia Abogados ...

    EU fines bitumen cartel

    Premium - October 04, 2007

    ... 40 and 25 per cent reductions for co-operating under the leniency programme. But Luis Ortiz Blanco, of Garrigues Abogados y Asesores Tributarios, who advised Repsol, says his client's penalty is still too high: "We didn't expect our own fine ... worth approximately €286 million in 2001, the last full year of the cartel. DWS Counsel to Repsol Garrigues Abogados y Asesores Tributarios Partner Luis Ortiz Blanco in Madrid, assisted by María Muñoz de Juan and María Muñoz de Juan ...

    Spanish tribunal punishes Iberdrola

    Premium - March 15, 2007

    Spain's Tribunal for the Defence of Competition has fined energy company Iberdrola Generación for abuse of dominance.The tribunal issued a €38.7 million fine on 12 March. It held that Iberdrola had offered prices inconsistent with the daily ... operator able to meet the demand. Marcos Araujo, head of the EU and antitrust department at Garrigues Abogados y Asesores Tributarios says that although the decision is in line with previous rulings, it fails to clarify how an abuse was committed ...

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