Topic: Restraint of trade

Wave-making monopolisation lawsuit survives motion to dismiss

A federal California judge has refused to throw out claims accusing Whitewater West Industries of illegally monopolising the market for wave-making machines installed at swimming pools, water parks and resorts.

11 February 2021

FTC challenges second settlement between Endo and Impax

Endo Pharmaceuticals abandoned its plans to re-enter the market for an opioid painkiller after concluding it would be more profitable to split monopoly profits with Impax Laboratories, the Federal Trade Commission has alleged.

29 January 2021

Conservative media site Parler alleges Amazon cut off its services to aid Twitter

Social media site Parler has alleged Amazon illegally cut off access to its web-hosting services in an effort to harm a competitive threat to Twitter.

12 January 2021

Google lawsuits pile up as 38 state AGs add to DOJ’s claims

A bipartisan group of US states and territories have alleged that Google illegally sought to maintain a monopoly over general search services, expanding upon a similar lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice in October.

18 December 2020

Supreme Court to weigh in on NCAA case over compensation for student athletes

The US Supreme Court will review a lower court’s decision that found the National Collegiate Athletic Association violated federal antitrust law by limiting academic grants offered to student athletes.

17 December 2020

Judge Mehta: DOJ’s protective order “raises due process concerns” for Google

Google’s due process rights may be violated if its in-house attorneys are denied broad access to documents third parties submitted to the Department of Justice during the agency’s antitrust probe of the technology company, the federal judge presiding over the case has said.

03 December 2020

Eleventh Circuit questions Delrahim on precedent for reversing Blue Cross immunity

A federal appellate court has questioned the Department of Justice's antitrust chief on what precedent should guide its evaluation of whether Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida should be immune from an antitrust lawsuit brought by a rival insurance company.

23 November 2020

National Association of Realtors agrees to repeal rules challenged by DOJ

The largest US trade association for real estate brokers has agreed to terminate several rules and policies that the Department of Justice said illegally restrained competition.

20 November 2020

SCOTUS rejects “NFL Sunday Ticket” appeal, Kavanaugh proposes rain check

The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal against a lower court’s finding that the National Football League and DirecTV must face monopolisation claims, but one justice said the previous ruling appeared to conflict with antitrust precedent.

03 November 2020

Antitrust claims against turkey suppliers move forward

A federal judge in Illinois has ruled that a small, family-owned New York deli can continue to pursue claims on behalf of a class of indirect purchasers that paid higher prices for turkeys because of a conspiracy between some of the country’s largest suppliers.

27 October 2020

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