Topic: Restraint of trade

Former baseball coaches claim NCAA rule kept them unpaid

The National College Athletics Association orchestrated an illegal wage-fixing conspiracy amongst its member baseball teams, two former coaches have alleged.

01 December 2022

Ninth Circuit suggests evidentiary record could doom Epic’s appeal

Apple has made convincing arguments that Epic Games’ failure to prove its case at trial dooms the videogame maker’s attempt to resurrect its lawsuit against the tech company, members of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit have said.

16 November 2022

Car dealerships invoke Noerr immunity in Tesla lawsuit

Tesla cannot use antitrust law to punish the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association for successfully lobbying the state’s legislature, the car dealership trade association has said.

16 November 2022

Louisiana wants a say in Tesla restraint-of-trade case

The state of Louisiana has asked a federal court for permission to defend its automobile sale regulation from a lawsuit brought by Tesla.

21 October 2022

Italian court annuls €173 million Amazon and Apple fines

An Italian administrative court decision to scrap the national antitrust enforcer’s €173 million combined fine on Amazon and Apple is a sharp reminder for the authority to respect defence rights, local lawyers have said.

04 October 2022

FTC: Pesticide manufacturers used “loyalty” programmes to maintain monopolies

Syngenta and Corteva illegally thwarted competition for generic forms of their pesticides through anticompetitive rebates, the Federal Trade Commission and 10 states have alleged.

29 September 2022

Google to face digital ad monopolisation claims

A New York federal court has ordered Google to face the bulk of a Texas-led lawsuit accusing it of monopolising the digital advertising market, although commentators believe the ruling gives the search giant reason to be cautiously optimistic.

16 September 2022

DOJ to secure first no-poach plea

A former healthcare staffing company plans to plead guilty to its role in a conspiracy to allocate school nurses, which would mark the Department of Justice’s first successful criminal no-poach prosecution.

06 September 2022

Leafield accused of flouting DOJ decree

Collegiate sports multimedia rights company Learfield Communications violated both antitrust law and a settlement with the Department of Justice by requiring a potential rival to sign a noncompete agreement, an industry newcomer has alleged.

01 September 2022

Eleventh Circuit revives Google advertising lawsuit

A Georgia federal court was wrong to label digital advertising company Inform’s monopolisation complaint against Google a haphazard shotgun-pleading, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has said.

30 August 2022

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