Topic: Restraint of trade

Juul negotiator: “Not acceptable” for Altria to keep e-cigarette business

A Juul investor who helped negotiate the terms of a $12.8 billion investment from Altria said it would have been unacceptable for the investing company to have retained its e-cigarette business, according to documents presented by the Federal Trade Commission.

09 June 2021

FTC: Juul documents show Altria’s e-cigarette brand was a “major” competitor

Juul Labs viewed Altria as a “major” competitor for electronic cigarettes, according to company documents the Federal Trade Commission has presented before its internal tribunal.

07 June 2021

Reynolds executive: Altria had “substantial market share” prior to leaving e-vapour market

Reynolds American has said Altria was one of its main competitors in the e-vapour business before the latter exited the market, as the latter seeks to prove that it did not stop selling its e-cigarettes to facilitate an anticompetitive deal with rival Juul Labs.

04 June 2021

Altria and FTC square off over company’s exit from e-cigarette market

Altria and the Federal Trade Commission have presented diverging explanations as to why the company took its e-vapour cigarette products off the market – a core issue in the agency’s suit to unwind Altria’s $12.8 billion investment in rival Juul Labs.

03 June 2021

FTC judge seeks to mitigate concerns about fairness of Altria/Juul trial

The Federal Trade Commission’s chief administrative law judge has said he will ensure that the trial starting today in the agency’s dispute with Altria and Juul Labs is a “fair proceeding”, after counsel to the companies raised concerns about surprise documents and expert testimony.

02 June 2021

DOJ says refusal-to-deal lawsuit against Comcast doesn’t warrant further review

The Department of Justice has urged the Supreme Court to deny Comcast’s request to review revived tying and refusal-to-deal claims brought against the company by Viamedia.

28 May 2021

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