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FTC official: Existing tools can address issues raised by Big Tech

The existing antitrust framework provides tools that can address the competitive concerns raised by large technology companies, according to a Federal Trade Commission official.

05 February 2021

Challenges to FTC’s authority need to be resolved in Congress, Hoffman says

The issues raised by a series of cases challenging aspects of the Federal Trade Commission’s authority are “going to require a legislative package to fix”, a former agency official has said.

05 February 2021

ETs, Phone Home: The Tipline for 5 February 2021

Participants in the first day of GCR Interactive’s annual Antitrust Law Leaders Forum already had plenty to discuss. Yesterday’s developments only added to the list. The federal antitrust agencies revealed what was behind the suspicious lack of early terminations in recent weeks and the initial status conference in Texas v Google dug into the mystery of the source of leaks to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

05 February 2021

DOJ official: Deferred prosecution not guaranteed in criminal healthcare cases

Despite the Antitrust Division’s recent increased use of deferred prosecution agreements, companies should not assume such agreements will always be used to resolve criminal cases in the healthcare sector, a Department of Justice official has said.

03 February 2021

Rodent meteorology: The Tipline for 3 February 2021

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Tuesday, indicating six more weeks of review for your client’s merger. In today’s Tipline, Mylan’s summary judgment win over Sanofi comes out of hibernation after six weeks under seal, Uber seeks out the ability to sell six-packs and the NCAA appeals to the Supreme Court’s sports fans in its antitrust battle with student-athletes.

03 February 2021

Ex-Honeywell antitrust chief heads to Paul Hastings

Honeywell International’s former chief antitrust counsel Gary Zanfagna has joined Paul Hastings as a partner in Washington, DC.

02 February 2021

Marketplace of Ideas: The Tipline for 2 February 2021

Local journalism is dying. Whether antitrust could – or should – play a role in halting its demise remains a topic of great debate. As lawmakers in the US and Australia grapple with granting publishers the ability to collectively bargain with technology platforms, a West Virginia newspaper company has another idea: treble damages. Also in Tipline, Paul Hastings boosts its competition practice and Apple top dog Tim Cook faces deposition.

01 February 2021

Happy Black History Month: The Tipline for 1 February 2021

Schools in Washington, DC, were scheduled to hold in-person classes today for the first time this academic year. Mother Nature had other plans. Now’s the time to reminisce with your kids about the February 2010 snowmageddon blizzards that dumped upwards of 31 inches in the first 10 days of the month. And more importantly, time to honour the accomplishments and struggles of Black Americans seeking to make the US a more equal and just place. In today’s Tipline, the Federal Trade Commission survives a constitutional challenge and wrangles another titanium dioxide merger.

01 February 2021

FTC closes investigation into Tronox deal after abandonment

The Federal Trade Commission has revealed it opened and then decided to close an investigation into Tronox Holdings’ proposed purchase of TiZir Titanium and Iron (TTI) after the deal collapsed in the face of antitrust scrutiny.

01 February 2021

Hot docs remain a crucial indicator of competition issues in fintech deals

The type of language used in internal documents to justify a proposed deal remains one of the best indicators for the Department of Justice in deciding whether a transaction in the financial technology sector will be anticompetitive, two former enforcers have said.

29 January 2021

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