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Lawmakers and advocacy groups respond to Facebook lawsuits

As the antitrust community digests separate lawsuits filed against Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission and a coalition of state enforcers, GCR USA has compiled reactions from various members of Congress and advocacy groups.

10 December 2020

Ninth Circuit reverses dismissal of NorthBay case against Kaiser Permanente

A Californian appellate court has reversed a lower court’s dismissal of claims that subsidiaries of Kaiser Permanente conspired to monopolise the healthcare-insurance market in Solano County, California.

10 December 2020

The “F-word”: The Tipline for 9 December 2020

The easiest way to spot that someone is not an antitrust reporter is if they complain about the US competition agencies being inactive. Hours after the Federal Trade Commission lost its bid to block a Philadelphia hospital merger, the agency sued to stop Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of a women’s razor company. The deputy director of the FTC’s bureau of competition and two agency commissioners also spoke at separate events on Tuesday. And that is before we even mention the “F-word”, with several reports suggesting the commission’s lawsuit against Facebook could be expected today.

09 December 2020

FTC seeks injunction against P&G/Billie deal

The Federal Trade Commission has challenged Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of women’s razor startup Billie, alleging that the transaction would eliminate a nascent competitor in the US market.

09 December 2020

Sims: enforcers can learn from Asian counterparts on digital issues

Western enforcers should pay more attention to how agencies in Asia are fighting the anticompetitive conduct of large technology companies, the head of Australia’s competition authority has said.

08 December 2020

The most good for the greatest number: The Tipline for 8 December 2020

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson said yesterday that she believes antitrust law informed by “continually refined economic analysis” is the “best way to achieve the most good for the greatest number”. Classical utilitarians Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill likely would have been fans of that comment. Also in Tipline, the FTC is granted a temporary restraining order against a real estate advertising deal and Chick-Fil-A reveals its involvement in the Department of Justice’s broiler chicken probe.

08 December 2020

Wilson: It’s too early to say if US antitrust laws cannot police high-tech markets

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said it is “premature” to conclude that the antitrust laws are not suited to preserving competition in high-tech markets.

08 December 2020

Cheaper by the dozen: The Tipline for 7 December 2020

As Facebook acquired companies with the ease of a college freshman sending out friend requests, it might have missed an opportunity by not purchasing itself a marquee law firm. Sure, a company can always go the old-fashioned route of picking up one in-house counsel at a time, but think of the potential synergies from bringing on a whole firm. With multiple competition-related probes against the social media company reportedly building momentum, two private plaintiffs hope they landed the first antitrust punch last week in a lawsuit that cited heavily from the House of Representatives antitrust subcommittee’s report.

07 December 2020

Louisiana real estate appraisers board will ask Supreme Court to resolve FTC dispute

Louisiana’s state board of real estate appraisers has said it will ask the Supreme Court to review its dispute with the Federal Trade Commission, which has accused the state regulator of restraining price competition for appraisal services.

07 December 2020

Some competition problems by Fort Lee: The Tipline for 4 December 2020

The Federal Trade Commission sued to block a merger of two hospital systems in northern New Jersey yesterday on the grounds that it would give Hackensack Meridian Health control of half of Bergen County’s six hospitals. Bergen offers some stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, but the defendants might run into issues expanding the commission’s geographic market definition. Gubernatorial aides in the state have a history of shutting down access to the bridge leading to New York as a form of political revenge. Also in Tipline, the Department of Justice intervenes in another dental board lawsuit and a group of peanut farmers receive class certification.

04 December 2020

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