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Staples again proposes to acquire Office Depot

Staples has proposed to buy rival Office Depot for $2.1 billion, nearly five years after the Federal Trade Commission won its bid to block the companies’ previous merger agreement.

12 January 2021

Amendment One: The Tipline for 11 January 2021

Animosity towards major technology companies was bipartisan even before a violent mob stormed the US Capitol last week. Now that regulatory spotlight seems a bit brighter. Some Democrats say that Wednesday’s insurrection demonstrates the failure of platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter to curb the spread of misinformation and extremism. Some Republicans argue that platform bans for President Donald Trump and app store bans for Parler, a social media site popular among Trump supporters, amounts to political censorship. Regardless, it appears that “free speech” arguments may play a larger role in future antitrust debates. In other First Amendment-related competition news, a former Citigroup trader acquitted of price-fixing charges has secured permission to use “public” trial exhibits in administrative proceedings – despite the Department of Justice’s objections.

11 January 2021

Shkreli loses effort to stay FTC case until his release from prison

A federal California judge has rejected a request from former pharmaceutical company executive Martin Shkreli to pause the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust lawsuit against him until his release from prison.

11 January 2021

We didn’t start the hire: The Tipline for 8 January 2021

It may feel as though the world is always burning nowadays, but pat yourself on the back for almost making it through the first week of 2021. Celebrate with GCR USA as we dig into the Department of Justice’s highly anticipated criminal no-poach case. Also in Tipline, a patent aggregator beats antitrust claims lodged by Apple and Intel, and the Seattle Seahawks are cleared of allegations that they monopolised the number 12.

08 January 2021

Apple and Intel claims against patent aggregator thrown out

A California federal judge has dismissed Apple and Intel’s claims that patent licensors launched a “campaign of anticompetitive patent aggregation” against the technology companies.

08 January 2021

One of us: The Tipline for 7 January 2021

From the classrooms of Harvard Law School to the courtrooms of the prestigious US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, Judge Merrick Garland has built quite the antitrust resumé. While the assistant attorney general in charge of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division usually has a fair amount of independence from the attorney general, who could blame President-elect Biden’s pick for top cop for indulging in a little competition policy?

07 January 2021

Las Vegas Review-Journal pushes back against rival newspaper’s lawsuit

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has hit back against a rival’s lawsuit with counterclaims, denying the Las Vegas Sun’s allegations that it schemed to eliminate it from the market and accusing the newspaper of harming competition.

07 January 2021

The Georgia Blues: The Tipline for 6 January 2021

It looks as though the Democrats won both of Georgia’s Senate runoff elections on Tuesday, presumably giving the Biden administration more leeway with who it can select as officials and judges. But some observers are already foreshadowing fights between progressive and moderate wings of the party. Could a Senate majority avoid a two-to-two deadlock at the Federal Trade Commission? Mark the start of a Senate antitrust subcommittee probe? In today’s Tipline, St Luke’s scores a win against ProMedica, another merger is abandoned following an FTC challenge and the US antitrust agencies get paid.

06 January 2021

FTC notches up another successful merger challenge

Procter & Gamble and women’s razor startup Billie have abandoned their proposed merger, less than a month after the Federal Trade Commission challenged the deal.

06 January 2021

Georgia on my mind: The Tipline for 5 January 2021

Georgia voters head to the polls today to determine the political makeup of the US Senate – and perhaps President-elect Joe Biden’s ability to appoint leadership at the US antitrust agencies. Competition policy may not be a deciding factor for many Georgians today, but the Department of Justice sure has its eyes on the Peach State. The government revealed on Monday a deferred prosecution agreement with Argos USA for conspiring to fix prices for ready-mix cement in coastal Georgia. Also in Tipline, another healthcare deal is announced and Kirkland & Ellis expands its antitrust prowess.

05 January 2021

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