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Simons says: The Tipline for 29 January 2021

Outgoing Federal Trade Commission chair Joseph Simons is not a man of many words, but he is a man of many decisive votes. The agency squeezed out one more monopolisation case this week before Simons left his virtual office for the very last time. In the final Tipline of the FTC’s Simons era, GCR USA explores the agency’s challenge to a second reverse-payment settlement between Endo Pharmaceuticals and Impax Laboratories and takes a glance at the origins of the Department of Justice’s automakers emissions probe.

29 January 2021

Ex-government officials advocate for regulation to tackle Big Tech

Regulation may be necessary if the US hopes to confront competition issues posed by the dominance of large technology companies, according to two former government officials.

28 January 2021

Born to run: The Tipline for 28 January 2021

Antitrust litigation is often more like a marathon than a sprint – unless you’re in charge of the Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition. The outgoing director last year sacrificed a six-year streak of striding 26.2 miles in one go as his agency brought more than 30 enforcement actions in merger cases alone. In today’s Tipline, Ian Conner discusses his tenure at the FTC, Facebook says it faces an “uphill battle” against Apple’s “dominant platform” and former government officials advocate for more regulation to take on Big Tech.

27 January 2021

DOJ and FTC back SmileDirectClub as Georgia dentistry board challenges ruling

The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have urged the full US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to rule that members of the Georgia Board of Dentistry are not entitled to state-action immunity in their defence against SmileDirectClub’s antitrust lawsuit.

26 January 2021

New York state legislature aims to shore up antitrust bill by mid-2021

The deputy majority leader of the New York State Senate has said he hopes legislative progress will have been made by mid-2021 on a bill that will “put more teeth” into the state’s antitrust laws.

26 January 2021

The breakfast of champions: The Tipline for 25 January 2021

The structural separation of the New England Patriots dynasty was apparently incapable of thwarting Tom Brady’s monopoly power over Super Bowls. The 43-year-old quarterback is set to make his 10th Super Bowl appearance in the past 20 years, leaving at least one GCR reporter wondering if the US antitrust agencies should step in. While you might be stuck with Brady’s face on your box of Wheaties, a new study suggests that common ownership is not responsible for the price tag on your milk-drenched grains.

22 January 2021

Judge denies Parler’s injunction request to reinstate Amazon account

Amazon Web Services does not need to reinstate the web-hosting services it was providing to social media site Parler, a federal judge in Washington state has said.

22 January 2021

Consultancies hire ex-agency economists in Brussels and DC

Cyril Hariton has left the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition to join Positive Competition in Brussels, while Economists Incorporated has poached former US Department of Justice economist Keith Waehrer from Bates White in Washington, DC.

21 January 2021

Musical chairs: The Tipline for 22 January 2021

Leadership is shuffling fast in the world of antitrust. President Joe Biden ensured Rebecca Kelly Slaughter had a seat once “Hail to the Chief” stopped playing, making her acting chair of the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday. Meanwhile, Gene Kimmelman is returning to the Department of Justice from the comfort of his home office. But antitrust cannot be done entirely remotely. The DOJ says security restrictions in downtown Washington, DC, are complicating physical document production for its Google case, while Parler remains almost entirely offline.

21 January 2021

Supreme Court may allow FCC to ease media ownership rules

The Supreme Court hinted on Tuesday that it may allow the Federal Communications Commission to relax its media ownership rules that aim to prevent any individual or company from obtaining too much control over local coverage.

21 January 2021

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