Region: United Kingdom

Market sharing infringement was correctly proven, says CMA counsel

The UK’s antitrust authority has pushed back against members of the Prochlorperazine cartel that claim it failed to meet the burden of proof when levying fines in 2022, telling the Competition Appeal Tribunal that their defence relies on several improbable coincidences and mistakes.

07 June 2023

Sony seeks to quash UK class action claim

Sony has accused the proposed class representative in a £5 billion opt-out damages claim against the company of relying on the wrong theory of harm, as it seeks to strike out allegations consumers overpaid for digital games and content on its PlayStation Store.

07 June 2023

CMA incorrectly analysed evidence in Prochlorperazine decision, drugmaker says

The UK’s competition watchdog failed to analyse evidence correctly when fining pharmaceutical companies for sharing the market for an anti-nausea drug and “flippantly” accused two of the drugmakers of creating a false paper trail, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has heard.

06 June 2023

CAT allows Merricks to submit late evidence by former Mastercard exec

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has partially granted Walter Merricks’s request to submit statements by a former Mastercard senior executive that supposedly debunks “substantial evidence” in the credit card company’s defence against a £17 billion class action claim.

06 June 2023

Private Equity firm slams Prochlorperazine decision

Counsel to a private equity group fined by the UK antitrust watchdog for its alleged part in the Prochlorperazine cartel has hit out at the agency, telling the Competition Appeal Tribunal that the enforcer showed a “troubling lack of restraint” in its sanctions decision.

05 June 2023

Supreme Court ends challenge to ro-ro class action certification

The UK’s Supreme Court has declined to hear an attempt by three vehicle shipping companies seeking to overturn the certification of a cartel damages class action, marking the end of the road for their challenge.

01 June 2023

Microsoft pushes for summer trial in bid to overturn UK Activision Blizzard deal block

Microsoft has urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to grant its application for a summer hearing challenging the national antitrust watchdog’s “outlier” decision to block its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard so as to remove any uncertainty over the deal.

30 May 2023

CAT to hear first-ever standalone carriage dispute in parallel Google claims

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has agreed to decide which of two proposed class representatives seeking up to €25 billion in damages from Google is best placed to proceed with their claim ahead of a full certification hearing.

30 May 2023

A Q&A with Stuart Hudson

Stuart Hudson rejoined Brunswick Group at the end of March after spending four years at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority as senior director of its strategy, communications and advocacy team. He spoke to GCR about his time at the agency, what antitrust enforcers can learn from politicians and why a lack of good faith debate within the wider competition community needs to change.

26 May 2023

Meta offers advertising data commitments in UK abuse probe

The UK’s antitrust watchdog has said it intends to accept commitments proposed by Meta that would prevent it using rivals’ advertising data to improve its own products.

26 May 2023

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