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A Q&A with Olha Pishchanska

Olha Pishchanska, head of Ukraine’s Antimonopoly Committee (AMCU), has faced unthinkable personal and professional challenges since Russia invaded the country a year ago. Ahead of that unwelcome anniversary, she spoke to GCR about the importance of competition law in rebuilding the national economy and adjusting to a new reality that has seen colleagues join the front line and others flee abroad.

20 February 2023

Ukraine’s highest court orders enforcer to investigate media abuse complaint

Ukraine's Supreme Court has ordered the national antitrust watchdog to open a probe into an antitrust complaint that accuses the country’s four largest television broadcasters of collectively abusing their dominance after the enforcer refused to investigate the claims due to a lack of evidence.

02 February 2023

Ukraine issues largest antitrust fines since start of war

Ukraine’s antitrust watchdog has issued its largest antitrust fines since Russia’s invasion of the country, sanctioning two separate big rigging cartels a total of nearly €6 million.

06 January 2023

Ukraine: casting a wide net for merger control

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

Practically every global transaction is subject to Ukrainian merger control if the parties have any business in Ukraine.

24 June 2022

Ukraine enforcer resumes merger control powers

Ukraine’s Antimonopoly Committee has resumed its merger control procedures after being forced to suspend its investigatory functions when Russia’s invasion of the country led to the implementation of martial law.

20 June 2022

Ukraine will win war and build back through competition, authority head says

Russia is bombing Ukraine’s infrastructure to reduce competition, but the latter will defeat the invasion and define “new economic realities” through competition policy, the head of the country’s Antimonopoly Committee has said.

06 May 2022

Ukrainian enforcer issues temporary merger control guidance

Ukraine’s antitrust watchdog has issued new guidance on its merger control procedures, following the implementation of martial law due to Russia’s invasion of the country in February.

05 April 2022

Ukrainian enforcer suspends activities

Ukraine’s antitrust watchdog has put all its cases on hold and relocated from Kyiv to Lviv in the west of the country, now that martial law has been imposed as a result of the war with Russia.

09 March 2022

ICN suspends Russian competition agency

The International Competition Network has suspended Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service from participating in all its upcoming events, after antitrust authorities in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and the Netherlands urged it to take action following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

03 March 2022

Dutch enforcer joins petition to suspend Russian competition agency from ICN

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets has joined antitrust agencies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in urging the International Competition Network to suspend Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service from participating in all of its upcoming events.

02 March 2022

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