Region: Turkey

Turkey adds voice to digital debate with marketplace study

Turkey’s Competition Authority has launched a sector inquiry into online marketplaces to determine if the country's competition law needs updating.

20 July 2020

Turkey passes amendments to competition law

Turkish competition lawyers have said amendments to the country’s competition law will align it closer to the EU’s antitrust regime.

17 June 2020

Turkey launches sprawling coronavirus-related probe

Nivea, Johnson & Johnson and Carrefour are among the 29 companies that Turkey’s Competition Authority is investigating for allegedly inflating prices during the covid-19 pandemic.

11 May 2020

Turkey fines BP and Shell for RPM

Turkey’s Competition Authority has fined four fuel companies 1.4 billion lira (€193 million) for imposing minimum resale prices on retailers.

31 March 2020

Google to appeal against Turkey’s Shopping decision

Google will appeal against a decision by Turkey’s Competition Authority to fine the technology company for abusing its dominance in the comparison-shopping and general internet search markets.

17 February 2020

Philips fined for FRAND abuse in Turkey

Turkey’s Competition Authority has found that Philips failed to license technology for television subtitles to its rivals on a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory basis.

03 January 2020

Google will stop licensing Android in Turkey

Google has told Turkish mobile device suppliers that it can no longer license its Android operating system to them, due to a decision by the country’s competition enforcer.

16 December 2019

Leniency unsuccessful in Kenya, says authority head

Kenya’s leniency regime is ineffective because companies distrust government bodies and are reluctant to “snitch”, the head of its antitrust authority has said.

26 November 2019

OECD and UNCTAD officials tout benefits of cross-border cooperation

Two officials from intergovernmental bodies have advocated for increased international cooperation among enforcers, especially as more developing countries enact competition law regimes.

25 November 2019


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06 November 2019

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