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Switzerland hits Swisscom with interim measures

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has imposed interim measures on Swisscom as it probes whether the telecommunications provider prevented rivals from accessing its fibre optic network.

18 December 2020


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Many firms in Switzerland’s competition bar are representing companies in one of the antitrust enforcer's ongoing cartel probes into the construction and financial services sector.

11 December 2020

Swiss enforcer hits Euribor cartel with more fines

Switzerland’s antitrust authority has fined Crédit Agricole and HSBC a total of €6 million for colluding to manipulate the Euro Interbank Offered Rate, while also closing two investigations into NEX International for its suspected role in rigging other benchmark interest rates.

28 October 2020

Switzerland fines ice hockey broadcaster

Switzerland’s antitrust watchdog has fined pay-television company UPC Switzerland €27.9 million for abuse of dominance after it refused to share broadcasting rights to live ice hockey games with competitors.

21 October 2020

Switzerland investigates Swisscom for abuse

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has opened an abuse of dominance investigation into Swisscom for allegedly preventing rivals from offering competitive tender bids for certain telecommunications projects.

25 August 2020

Swiss authority lifts watchmaker delivery obligation

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has lifted interim measures that required a Swatch subsidiary to supply customers with watch parts, finding that competitors have entered the market since the obligation was imposed.

15 July 2020

Swiss enforcer agrees refusal to deal settlement

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has fined two city-owned gas providers €2.8 million and ordered them to open their distribution networks to rivals, in a settlement decision that one lawyer has called “precedent-setting”.

05 June 2020

Swatch wants to call time on Swiss interim measures

Swatch has offered to limit the number of watch parts it supplies in Switzerland, in hopes of resolving a long-running abuse of dominance dispute with the country’s competition authority.

09 January 2020

Swiss enforcer raids Volkswagen dealers

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has raided more car dealers, as it widens its probe into alleged collusion among retailers of Volkswagen Group vehicles.

17 December 2019


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06 November 2019

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