Region: Spain

Spanish enforcer probes nuclear medicine

Spain’s antitrust enforcer is investigating an alleged cartel between two nuclear imaging companies, while also examining if one of them abused its dominant position in the radiopharmaceuticals market.

13 February 2019

EU owes interest on overturned fine, General Court rules

The General Court of the European Union has ruled that the European Commission must pay envelope maker Printeos more than €180,000 in interest on a cartel fine that the authority refunded after the court found the enforcer had infringed due process.

12 February 2019

Trucks claims worth over €700 million filed in Spain

Spanish law firm Caamaño Concheiro & Seoane has begun filing thousands of claims in the Spanish courts, seeking follow-on damages as a result of the European trucks cartel.

01 February 2019

Spanish enforcer suffers another loss

Spain’s highest court has upheld a decision annulling €120 million in fines on Orange, Vodafone and Telefónica, marking the second major cancellation of a multimillion-euro antitrust sanction by the nation’s courts in less than a week.

16 January 2019

Procedure trips up Spanish enforcer again

A Spanish court has annulled a €57 million cartel fine because the national competition authority’s investigation exceeded the maximum allowed duration by five days.

14 January 2019

Spanish enforcer returns to spoiled milk probe

Spain’s competition authority will reopen an investigation into an alleged cartel in the dairy market, after a national court overturned the enforcer’s original €88 million fine last year because of a due process error.

11 January 2019

Siemens/Alstom remedies not enough, national authorities tell EU

In an unusual step, four national competition authorities have written an open letter to the European Commission expressing concern that the remedies proposed by Siemens and Alstom for their merger fall “well short of what is required.”

20 December 2018

Spanish enforcer cautions against regulation in new tech markets

Governments should be careful when regulating markets in the new economy not to ignore the potential anticompetitive effects of their intervention, a member of Spain’s competition authority has said.

11 December 2018

Armed police take cartel evidence from Catalan antitrust agency

The president of Catalonia’s regional competition authority has said armed police that entered the agency's premises to obtain information relating to a cartel did so inappropriately and lacked justification.

23 November 2018

Spain’s fining guidelines stir confusion

Spain’s new provisional guidelines for calculating antitrust fines provided less clarity and more confusion, and have left competition lawyers in Madrid unsure of how the authority will decide on price-fixing fines, observers say.

13 November 2018

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