Region: South Korea

KFTC probing Google’s compliance with Play Store order

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has inspected Google’s offices to check whether the company complied with an abuse of dominance decision requiring it to allow the development of rival application marketplaces.

16 August 2023

KFTC follows government order to probe collapsed construction project

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has reportedly raided the offices of several construction companies over concerns they colluded on the construction of an apartment complex that partly collapsed due to faulty design.

10 August 2023

Former KFTC director joins Yoon & Yang

Hee Jae Lee, who served in several high-ranking positions at Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, has joined Yoon & Yang as a partner in Seoul.

09 August 2023

Korea fines 32 vaccine companies for bid rigging

GlaxoSmithKline and 31 other companies in the vaccine sector are facing fines of €28.6 million from Korea’s Fair Trade Commission for rigging bids to supply the government’s National Immunisation Programme.

21 July 2023

Taiwan conditionally clears telecom deal

Far EasTone Telecommunications has committed to improving service and network quality while also investing in infrastructure to merge with rival Asia-Pacific Telecom in Taiwan.

21 July 2023

KFTC raids banks over potential collusion

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has reportedly raided the country’s four largest banks for the second time this year over suspicions they colluded on loan rates.

15 June 2023

KFTC overturns Broadcom commitment approval

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has rejected Broadcom’s commitment offer in an abuse of superior bargaining position probe, reversing a decision from its case examiner for the first time and exposing the company to hefty fines.

13 June 2023

Asian enforcers struggling to hire data experts

Senior officials at competition authorities in Korea, Japan and Singapore have said they are struggling to hire data scientists and economists to assist with their work in online markets, although the latter enforcer still plans to set up a new digital unit in the coming months.

08 June 2023

KFTC corrects RPM breach, signals preference for avoiding fines

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has decided not to fine a healthcare company that illegally forced resellers to adhere to minimum online prices for facemasks during the covid-19 pandemic, continuing its approach of issuing corrective orders for resale price maintenance.

18 May 2023

Taiwan conditionally clears takeover of local Carrefour business

Taiwan’s antitrust watchdog has conditioned food and retail conglomerate Uni-President Group’s acquisition of Carrefour Taiwan on a promise to protect small suppliers and not take advantage of its dominant position in the distribution channel.

09 May 2023

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