Region: South Africa

Media companies referred to South African tribunal

South Africa’s competition watchdog has referred 28 media companies to the country’s specialist tribunal, accusing them of a longstanding industry benchmarking practice of fixing advertising discounts.

27 February 2018

South Africa blocks airline merger

SA Airlink plans to ask for reconsideration of the block on its attempted acquisition of smaller rival airline Safair, which South Africa’s competition watchdog has said could reduce competition in the airline market.

23 February 2018

South Africa enforcer seeks excessive pricing fines

South Africa’s antitrust enforcer has accused airline SA Airlink of using excessive and predatory pricing to exclude a rival from a regional air route.

15 February 2018

South African tribunal throws out commission’s cinema case

South Africa’s specialist competition court has dismissed a complaint from the country’s competition authority alleging that two rival cinemas enforced an illegal market-sharing agreement.

09 February 2018

Noble cause, uncertain effects for South Africa’s competition amendments

In the shadow of apartheid’s economic legacy, South Africa’s competition amendment bill seeks to bring black enterprises into the country’s economy. But lawyers fear it may yield uncertainty and deter business.

07 February 2018

South African court rejects settlement for lack of alleged harm

Saying the enforcer failed to put forward a “coherent” theory of harm, the Competition Tribunal of South Africa has rejected the antitrust authority’s proposed settlement with a joint venture of ammonia companies.

29 January 2018

South Africa changes course on shipping deal

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has U-turned on a decision by the country’s antitrust enforcer, conditionally approving a joint venture among three of the largest shipping companies in the world.

17 January 2018

South African court clears failing firm deals despite enforcer’s prohibition

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has overturned the Competition Commission’s decision to prohibit a consortium from buying two white maize milling companies – due to the court’s concerns about job losses if the deals did not go ahead.

04 December 2017

South African court dismisses collusion claim for lack of evidence

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has dismissed allegations that a health and safety provider agreed to fix prices, after finding the country's competition enforcer did “very little” to investigate the facts after receiving what it thought was a smoking gun email.

08 November 2017

South Africa says half-century of produce agent fees violate antitrust law

Fresh produce brokers in South Africa have been charging commissions for more than 50 years, but the country’s antitrust watchdog has now decided that their business practices infringe competition law.

12 October 2017

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