Region: South Africa

Takata hit again and Toyoda settles in South Africa

South Africa’s antitrust authority has laid new charges against Takata and settled with Toyoda Gosei over their alleged roles in the global auto parts cartel.

04 July 2018

Robben Island price-fixers should face criminal sanctions, says Bonakele

The head of South Africa’s competition agency has called for the prosecution of ferry owners, as three companies admitted to price fixing and tender collusion on boat trips to Robben Island, where anti-apartheid activists were imprisoned.

02 July 2018

South African court annuls dawn raids

A South African court has ordered the antitrust enforcer to return all materials seized from two dawn raids, finding the enforcer withheld information in its search warrant application hearing, and that the warrant was granted on “incomplete facts or information”.

22 June 2018

Hospital merger block overturned on appeal

South Africa’s Competition Tribunal has overturned a hospital merger block by the country’s antitrust enforcer, conditioned on the buyer discounting certain fees to avoid unfair price increases.

08 June 2018

South Africa closes oil price-setting case

South Africa has settled a long-running case without fines, despite allegations that Chevron, Engen, Shell, Total, BP and Sasol had used a trade organisation to allocate markets in the supply of liquid fuels.

08 May 2018

MTV admits to collusion in South Africa

MTV Networks Africa has agreed to a package of remedies totaling 17.3 million rand (€1.14 million) for its involvement in a South African advertising cartel.

02 May 2018

Punishing competition

When a country misbehaves in the eyes of others, it may find itself on the receiving end of sanctions. Charles McConnell explores how this punishment for political actions can affect economic concentration and competition

01 April 2018

Media24 must contribute to development fund

South Africa’s competition authority has settled with two more media companies accused of fixing discounts for advertising, with remedies including a provision that one company must contribute to economic development in advertising.

19 March 2018

South Africa refers Takata for prosecution

South Africa’s competition authority has referred Takata to the Competition Tribunal for alleged price-fixing of auto parts – on the same day the enforcer conditionally approved a merger between Takata and rival supplier Ningbo Joyson.

14 March 2018

South Africa’s stumbling forex probe

Last year, the Competition Commission of South Africa accused a host of global banks and their affiliates of colluding on foreign exchange benchmarks. Despite similar probes by the enforcer’s peers around the world, the South African investigation has not exactly gone to plan, having bogged down in a procedural quagmire. Given the matter’s scale and profile, the commission needs to ensure the case does not fall apart.

01 March 2018

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