Region: Slovakia

Slovakia upholds record-breaking fine

Slovakia's constitutional court has dismissed three construction companies' appeal of a decade-old bid-rigging fine, bringing to an end a case that saw the largest cartel sanctions in the competition enforcer's history.

19 July 2017

Court upholds Slovak Telekom abuse of dominance fine

A Slovakian court has upheld a decision by the country's competition authority to fine Slovak Telekom €17.4 million for abuse of dominance.

26 June 2017


Featured in GCR 100 - 17th Edition

12 December 2016

Slovakian court ratifies record cartel fines

08 November 2016

Slovakia hospital bid-rigging fines upheld

18 August 2016

Slovakia fines dairy companies for RPM

08 July 2016


Featured in GCR 100 - 16th Edition

08 December 2015

Slovakia punishes IT bid-riggers

25 November 2015

Car dealers fined in Slovakia

16 October 2015

Slovakia’s competition bar

07 October 2015

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