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Singapore exempts covid-19 collaborations until 2021

Arrangements between competitors to sustain or improve the supply of essential goods or services that do not amount to hardcore cartel agreements are likely to benefit the public, Singapore’s competition authority has said.

20 July 2020

Singapore raises concerns about LSE/Refinitiv

Singapore’s competition watchdog is concerned that London Stock Exchange Group’s proposed $27 billion acquisition of Refinitiv could cause the merged company to provide foreign exchange benchmarks on unfair terms to rivals.

03 July 2020

What would Adam Smith say: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 28 February 2020

The head of Australia’s competition authority said yesterday that his country’s economy is “too concentrated”. Speaking during the conference dinner at the International Competition Network’s merger workshop, Rod Sims said the stakes of getting merger control right are high. He opined that if Adam Smith, viewed by some as the “father of capitalism”, were alive today, Smith would “believe our economies are now much too concentrated and that we have collectively all failed in our mission.” Competition agencies should step back and ask themselves whether their merger regimes are facilitating “the level of competition needed for a well-functioning market economy,” Sims suggested.

28 February 2020

Baker McKenzie adds two former enforcers in Singapore

Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow has added a principal and an economist who previously served at Singapore’s competition authority.

03 February 2020

ASEAN enforcers to speak at GCR Live Singapore

The heads of Singapore’s Competition and Consumer Commission and the Philippine Competition Commision lead a packed line-up of enforcers, in-house counsel and practitioners at GCR Live Singapore.

24 January 2020

Singapore finds contractors rigged bids for zoo work

Three contractors rigged bids for building, construction and maintenance work needed by Singapore’s largest zoo operator, the country’s competition watchdog has found.

21 January 2020

Singapore raises concerns about major shipping deal

Singapore’s competition watchdog has raised concerns that a tie-up between two of the world’s largest shipbuilders could harm competition in the supply of several types of commercial vessels.

02 December 2019

Next week in Beijing: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 29 November 2019

This week was a bit slow in Asia-Pacific in terms of major news stories, but read on for many interesting developments on mergers, cases, authorisation requests for certain conduct and more. In addition to all of the regular content, next week we will be reporting from our inaugural conference in mainland China – GCR Live IP and Antitrust Beijing. Enforcement officials from China, Japan and the US are scheduled to speak on topics including intellectual property and industrial policy.

29 November 2019

This is not a drill: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 15 November 2019

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” – where there are the signs of something, that something likely exists. Competition enforcers believe that applies to their approach: that if it appears that a merger will harm competition, then it likely will. And especially in already-consolidated sectors, antitrust watchdogs see themselves as the fire doors preventing the harm from spreading. We have coverage this week of a conditionally cleared deal in the consolidating Korean telecommunications market; preliminary concerns about a deal in Australia; an Australian enforcer’s comments on killer acquisitions; and the publication of our survey of Japan's competition bar.

15 November 2019


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06 November 2019

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