Region: Russian Federation must drop price parity clauses in Russia

Russia’s competition authority has said it will order to remove all price parity clauses from its contracts with hotels because they restrict competition between accommodation providers.

04 January 2021

Google faces complaint in Russia over YouTube terms

A Russian public interest group has accused Google of abusing its dominance in the market for social network video hosting by arbitrarily blocking accounts and using an opaque algorithm to determine which results appear on its YouTube service.

14 December 2020


Featured in GCR 100 2021

11 December 2020

Russian competition watchdog head steps down after 16 years

Igor Artemiev, who was appointed to lead Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service when it was founded in 2004, has left the agency to become an assistant to the country’s prime minister.

16 November 2020

Russia sends second warning to

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service has given one month to remove narrow most-favoured-nation clauses from its contracts with domestic accommodation providers.

22 September 2020

Apple ordered to change App Store rules in Russia

Russia’s competition enforcer has given Apple three months to stop unjustifiably removing third-party applications from its App Store and provide help to parental control app developers to distribute their products on its iOS operating system.

01 September 2020

Russia issues first stock exchange cartel decision

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service has concluded its first stock exchange cartel case, finding that the two largest national fuel traders coordinated prices for trading oil products.

20 August 2020

Russia says it will order Apple to stop app store abuse

Russia’s competition watchdog has found that Apple abused its dominance by restricting rival developers of parental control applications and reserving the right to bar third-party apps from its App Store.

11 August 2020

Enforcers tackle e-commerce at OECD roundtable

Competition authorities have highlighted concerns about the collection of data in online markets, as well as barriers to entry and territorial restrictions, in a series of submissions ahead of the OECD’s roundtable on the implications of e-commerce for competition policy.

06 June 2018

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