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UPDATED: ECJ referred first case on damages directive

In a highly anticipated ruling, the European Court of Justice will determine whether the EU damages directive can be applied to a damages action in Portugal, which was brought before the directive’s implementation into national law and was based on an abuse of dominance that occurred prior to the directive’s issuance.

30 January 2018

AG Wahl: discriminatory prices must harm competition to be illegal

EU enforcers cannot pursue dominant companies for discriminatory pricing against downstream business partners unless the conduct harms the victims’ competitive position, a European Court of Justice adviser has argued.

02 January 2018

ECJ upholds Telefónica/Portugal Telecom decision

The EU’s highest court has confirmed that Telefónica and Portugal Telecom’s agreement to stay out of each other’s way in the Iberian market was a hardcore restriction of competition – despite Telefónica’s claims that it was pushed into the clause by Portugal’s government.

15 December 2017

Portuguese court upholds envelope fines

Lisbon’s Court of Appeal on Tuesday upheld a fine imposed by Portugal’s competition authority on an envelope maker, in the company’s second appeal against the enforcer.

18 October 2017

Ford loses appeal for misleading enforcer

A Portuguese court has upheld a €150,000 fine on Ford Lusitana for providing inaccurate information during an antitrust investigation into the company’s car warranty clauses.

17 October 2017

Portugal accepts information exchange commitments

Portugal's competition agency has accepted commitments from a credit providers' association, following suspicions that information exchanges from some of its members could harm competition in the country's specialised credit sector.

18 September 2017

Portugal: Overview

Featured in The European, Middle Eastern and African Antitrust Review 2018

14 August 2017

Portugal: The Portuguese Competition Authority

Featured in The European, Middle Eastern and African Antitrust Review 2018

14 August 2017

Portuguese court quashes pharmacy margin squeeze fine

The Lisbon Court of Appeal has annulled the fines given to a member of the national association of pharmacies for abuse of dominance, after finding the company played no part in the infringement – thereby reducing the overall fine for the conduct by 90%.

27 June 2017

Non-compete agreement fined in Portugal

Portugal’s Competition Authority last week fined a retailer and an electricity distributor €38.3 million for including a non-compete agreement as part of a deal in which electricity customers could spend vouchers at the retailer.

08 May 2017

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