Region: Portugal

Portugal issues another round of grocery cartel fines

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined five supermarkets and a wine supplier €17.2 million for operating a hub-and-spoke cartel, as the agency continues its sprawling investigation into the country’s grocery sector.

20 December 2021

Portugal accuses pay-TV providers of advertising collusion

The Portuguese Competition Authority has accused three of the country's largest pay-TV operators and an information technology consultancy of colluding to force consumers to watch advertising clips on pre-recorded programmes.

16 December 2021


Featured in GCR 100 2022

Antitrust lawyers in Portugal work opposite an ambitious national competition authority that is looking to push the needle in high-profile probes into no-poach agreements and hub-and-spoke cartels.

10 December 2021

Portugal issues fourth hub-and-spoke cartel fine

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined baked goods supplier Bimbo Donuts and three leading supermarket chains a total of €24 million for operating an 11-year hub-and-spoke cartel that fixed prices.

18 November 2021

Portugal sends more supermarkets hub-and-spoke SOs

The Portuguese Competition Authority has sent another statement of objections to four of the country’s main supermarket chains in its sprawling cartel investigation into the grocery sector.

05 November 2021

First consumer class action settlement agreed in Portugal

The Portuguese Association of Land Surveyors and a consumer claims organisation have signed the country’s first-ever settlement in a class action seeking damages for an antitrust violation.

05 November 2021

Portugal hands down more hub-and-spoke fines

The Portuguese Competition Authority has doled out €93 million in fines to brewer Super Bock and four major supermarkets for operating a 13-year hub-and-spoke cartel that fixed retail prices of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

04 November 2021

A Q&A with Margarida Matos Rosa

With almost five years as president of the Portuguese Competition Authority under her belt, Margarida Matos Rosa spoke to Charley Connor about the agency’s recent forays into labour markets, the importance of focus when running a small authority and her ambitious plans for the 15 months left of her mandate.

20 September 2021

Portuguese firm hires former UK enforcer

Andrea Gomes da Silva has joined PLMJ in Lisbon as a special advisor, following her departure from the UK’s competition authority earlier this year.

13 September 2021

Portugal fines insurance company for gun-jumping

Portugal’s Competition Authority has issued its fourth-ever gun-jumping decision, fining an insurance company €300,000 for failing to notify its now-abandoned acquisition of a real estate investment fund.

24 August 2021

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