Region: Portugal

A Q&A with Margarida Matos Rosa

With almost five years as president of the Portuguese Competition Authority under her belt, Margarida Matos Rosa spoke to Charley Connor about the agency’s recent forays into labour markets, the importance of focus when running a small authority and her ambitious plans for the 15 months left of her mandate.

20 September 2021

Portuguese firm hires former UK enforcer

Andrea Gomes da Silva has joined PLMJ in Lisbon as a special advisor, following her departure from the UK’s competition authority earlier this year.

13 September 2021

Portugal fines insurance company for gun-jumping

Portugal’s Competition Authority has issued its fourth-ever gun-jumping decision, fining an insurance company €300,000 for failing to notify its now-abandoned acquisition of a real estate investment fund.

24 August 2021

Portugal issues private health sector with SO over collective bargaining

The Portuguese Competition Authority has accused five hospitals and their business association of coordinating negotiation strategies to fix prices of services offered to public agencies, but lawyers have warned the case could mean “the end of collective bargaining” for professional organisations.

30 July 2021

Merger probe unearths non-compete agreement in Portugal

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined two waste management companies and six of their employees almost €3 million after a merger investigation uncovered an illegal agreement to eliminate competition.

07 July 2021

Portugal and Spain conduct joint dawn raids

Enforcers in Portugal and Spain have raided multiple companies that provide “commercial and financial information services” over allegations of market sharing and price-fixing.

22 June 2021

Portugal issues first SOs tackling competition in labour markets

The Portuguese Competition Authority has sent a statement of objections to the Portuguese Professional Football League and 31 teams for implementing an allegedly anticompetitive no-poach agreement.

20 April 2021

Portugese firm snags partner from rival

SRS Advogados has tapped PLMJ partner Sara Estima Martins to join its competition team in Lisbon.

14 January 2021

Spain approves tiling deal subject to innovation commitments

Enforcers in Spain and Portugal have conditionally cleared a €568 million deal between two producers of ceramic tile coating, after the companies promised to protect future innovation projects and divest a substantial part of the business.

05 January 2021

Portugal imposes highest ever fines

The Portuguese Competition Authority has issued its first hub-and-spoke cartel decisions, fining six food retailers and two beverage suppliers a total of €303.7 million for participating in two separate cartels.

04 January 2021

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