Region: Poland

Poland fines hygiene products maker for RPM

Poland’s competition enforcer has imposed a 3.2 million zloty (€720,000) fine on SCA Hygiene Products for engaging in resale price maintenance, and smaller penalties on several of SCA’s distributors, after one distributor applied for leniency.

24 January 2017

An interview with Marek Niechciał

Marek Niechciał was appointed president of Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in May 2016 after a change in government. He spoke to Tom Madge-Wyld through an interpreter about plans to introduce new regimes for criminal liability and professional whistleblowers, but denied concerns about the agency’s political independence.

15 January 2017

Zloty for your thoughts

How does an understaffed competition authority revive a weak enforcement record and flagging leniency regime, while policy-makers continue to prioritise consumer protection over competition infringements? The head of Poland’s competition enforcer thinks he has the answer: start paying individual whistleblowers. Tom Madge-Wyld investigates

13 January 2017


Featured in GCR 100 - 17th Edition

12 December 2016

Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal collapses

16 August 2016

Independence important for credibility, says enforcer

23 June 2016

Poland appoints new competition chief

13 May 2016

Poland launches a trio of phase II investigations

15 February 2016

New Polish government dismisses head of competition authority

22 January 2016

Time’s up for Polish RPM agreement

18 December 2015

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