Region: Poland

Poland issues €48.2 million obstruction fine against Gazprom

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has imposed its highest-ever fine on Gazprom for obstructing its Nord Stream 2 gun-jumping probe, but local competition lawyers expect the company to appeal.

03 August 2020

Gazprom faces potential €50 million obstruction fine

Poland’s competition authority has threatened to fine Gazprom for failing to cooperate during a controversial gun-jumping probe related to an unnotified finance agreement for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

03 June 2020

Competition enforcers tackle coronavirus

Enforcers in Poland, the UK, Iceland and Armenia are using their powers to aid in their respective governments’ responses to the global coronavirus outbreak.

06 March 2020

EU must modernise merger guidelines, say economic ministries

Government officials from France, Germany, Italy and Poland have called for the European Commission to revise its merger guidelines to tackle “potential abusive behaviour” by non-EU companies and strengthen European industry.

07 February 2020

Engie fined €40 million for obstructing Nord Stream 2 probe

Poland’s competition authority has fined natural gas supplier Engie for failing to provide information during a gun-jumping investigation into a finance agreement for a European gas pipeline joint venture.

11 November 2019


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06 November 2019

France and Germany tone down calls for political intervention

Poland has joined France and Germany in calling for an overhaul of European competition rules – but a joint manifesto by the three countries climbs down on previous suggestions for a political veto of commission merger decisions.

05 July 2019

EU court: Multiple fines are not necessarily double jeopardy issue

The EU General Court has ruled that a national competition authority can simultaneously fine a company for infringing both national and EU law, provided that the total penalty is proportionate to the infringement.

03 April 2019

Wahl sides with General Court on procedural dispute

A company challenging a European Commission decision to reject its antitrust complaint was not duly diligent in tracking the delivery of its application to annul, and is therefore time barred from appeal, Advocate-General Nils Wahl of the European Court of Justice has said.

24 January 2019

AG Wahl: simplify double jeopardy analysis in competition cases

Courts should avoid applying “overly cumbersome criteria” when assessing whether competition authorities have violated the principle protecting against double jeopardy, an advocate-general to the European Court of Justice has said.

03 December 2018

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