Region: Peru

Merger control bill nears finish line in Peru

Peru’s congress has passed legislation that would expand merger review to most industries – but plans to revisit the bill later this month after a last-minute amendment created some confusion.

07 May 2019

Peru considers first merger control bill

Peru’s congress is set to debate a proposed merger control law, which would introduce mandatory notification for the first time and allow the competition enforcer to impose fines for gun-jumping.

05 April 2019

Latin American enforcers commit to leniency principles

The competition authorities of Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile have signed a joint statement on shared principles that will guide the implementation of their leniency regimes – following recent controversy in the region about the confidentiality of submitted applications.

03 December 2018

Peruvian government files price fixing complaint

Peru’s government has urged the country’s competition watchdog to examine alleged price fixing in the healthcare sector, but one lawyer has questioned the publicising of the complaint before the enforcer has had a chance to investigate.

22 October 2018

Peru will pay individual whistle-blowers

Peru’s competition authority has announced it will offer financial rewards to individual whistle-blowers where the information leads to the successful detection and punishment of a cartel.

12 September 2018

Peru holds off on revising fine caps

Peru’s legislature has paused its consideration of changes to maximum antitrust fines, after the competition authority and members of Congress expressed concerns about limiting the basis for fines to sales in the affected market rather than total revenues.

28 June 2018

Andean authority disregards national authorities in leniency fight

The Andean Community’s competition authority has fined Kimberly-Clark and Productos Familia a combined €30.2 million for price-fixing – in a controversial decision described by one former official as “illegal”.

30 May 2018

Peru fines roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel

Peru’s competition enforcer has fined six shipping companies approximately €12.4 million for participating in the global roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel.

29 May 2018

Peruvian court upholds fines on kidney dialysis suppliers

Peru’s Competition Tribunal has largely upheld the national competition enforcer’s fine on 31 kidney dialysis centres for bid rigging.

24 April 2018

Peru fines LPG cartel in fuel probe

Peru’s competition enforcer has fined a cartel of 16 liquefied petroleum gas companies in an ongoing probe of the country’s fuel sector.

12 January 2018

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