Region: Norway

EFTA authority opens abuse probe into Nordic retailer

The European Free Trade Association Surveillance Authority has opened an investigation into the largest electronics retailer in the Nordic region over allegations it implemented exclusivity agreements with suppliers.

25 May 2023

Norway spikes ready-mix concrete deal due to local competition concerns

Norway’s antitrust enforcer has blocked a two-to-one merger between a pair of concrete companies, warning that ØB Group's acquisition of rival Betongvarer would have shut-out competition in a local market and caused prices to rise.

11 May 2023

Trucks cartelists defeat first follow-on claim in Norway

The Oslo District Court has rejected the Norwegian postal operator’s bid for €79.5 million in damages from members of the EU trucks cartel because the claimant failed to present a counterfactual analysis, marking the country's first full-merits judgment relating to the cartel.

14 March 2023

Norway’s top court confirms first-ever deal block reversal

An appellate court correctly overturned a merger prohibition by the national competition authority for the first time when it ruled that the enforcer failed to prove the buyer and seller were direct rivals, Norway’s Supreme Court has said.

20 February 2023

Norwegian government signals supermarket price-fixing concerns

Norway’s trade minister reportedly wants the country’s competition watchdog to check whether supermarket chains have colluded to raise prices by announcing planned hikes through local media.

13 January 2023


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Long-running antitrust investigations into the grocery and publishing sectors continue to keep the majority of Norway’s competition bar busy.

12 December 2022

First Norwegian antitrust class action heads to top court

Norway’s Supreme Court will decide whether to allow a consumer association to act as the class representative in the country’s first-ever antitrust class action against a home alarm cartel, after two lower courts rejected the claim over its funding.

02 December 2022

Norway books publishers for nine-year cartel

Norway’s antitrust watchdog has fined the country’s four largest book publishers a combined €52 million for colluding to exchange information through an online library and bookstore information database.

29 November 2022

EU conditionally approves three-to-two salmon farm deal

The European Commission has approved a tie-up between two leading salmon farmers, subject to the divestment of the target’s entire Icelandic business.

01 November 2022

Norway: economist perspective

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11 October 2022

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