Region: North America

Judge calls Google’s second request to seal complaints “misdirected”

A federal California judge has criticised a “renewed” request from Google to seal portions of antitrust complaints against the company, but he agreed to allow the limited redaction of certain information.

26 August 2021

Canadian tribunal dismisses enforcer’s request to temporarily unwind deal

Canada’s Competition Tribunal has dismissed an interim measures request from the country’s antitrust authority to unwind a merger between two industrial waste disposal companies, finding the agency failed to adequately quantify the anticompetitive harm arising from the deal.

25 August 2021

Illumina closes Grail deal without EU approval

Illumina has closed its €5.9 billion acquisition of Grail despite an ongoing EU Phase II probe, reiterating its claims that the European Commission has no jurisdiction to review the tie-up.

19 August 2021

Lufthansa subsidiary lambasts rival’s request for antitrust probe into codeshare agreements

A subsidiary of Lufthansa has defended its application to the Department of Transportation to codeshare with several European airlines, after a rival carrier criticised the petition as part of an anticompetitive scheme to drive it out of the market.

18 August 2021

Google says its search engine is not a common carrier or public utility

Google has slammed the State of Ohio for seeking a court declaration that the company’s search engine is a common carrier or public utility, arguing that the law does not support the state’s case.

17 August 2021

Sixth Circuit vacates preliminary injunction in St Luke’s case

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has delivered a resounding loss to St Luke’s Hospital, determining that the Ohio healthcare provider is unlikely to show that ProMedica Health System unlawfully refused to continue doing business with it.

11 August 2021

Multidistrict litigation panel sends Google digital ad cases to New York

The US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has transferred 19 private enforcement actions challenging Google’s digital advertising practices to a federal New York court for coordinated pretrial proceedings.

11 August 2021

Canada opens in-depth review into telecoms merger

Canada’s Competition Bureau has launched a Phase II probe into the proposed merger of two telecommunications providers over concerns the deal will likely harm competition in the markets for mobile and broadcasting services.

10 August 2021

Wilson questions whether something may be “afoot” at FTC

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has denounced a string of recent procedural changes by her agency that affect its merger review process, arguing that they collectively “raise the costs of doing mergers and threaten to chill harmful and beneficial deals alike”.

10 August 2021

Fifth Circuit affirms rejection of Texas water agency’s state-action immunity plea

An appellate court has rejected a Texas water agency’s claims that it was entitled to state-action immunity in a lawsuit accusing the public entity of monopolising the raw water supply in a northern suburb of Houston.

05 August 2021

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