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Apple pushes back on criticism of app review process

Apple’s marketing manager has said he takes offence to Epic Games’ claim that the company’s app review process is a sham designed to protect Apple’s monopoly.

10 May 2021

Apple executive defends App Store in fourth day of trial

Apple’s top App Store executive has attempted to fend off attacks against the platform, while also stating that he was unaware of a plan to lock consumers into the company’s ecosystem – a central part of Epic Games’ monopolisation lawsuit against the iPhone-maker.

07 May 2021

Judge questions Epic about ‘Plan B’ if equitable relief is denied

The federal judge presiding over Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple has asked Epic's chief executive Tim Sweeney about his backup plan if she rules in favour of the iPhone-maker.

05 May 2021

Cooperation framework expected to help form new agreements, DOJ official says

The multilateral framework that the US antitrust agencies signed last year with four other competition enforcers will be used to form new agreements to enhance investigative cooperation, a Department of Justice official has said.

27 April 2021

Supreme Court curtails FTC’s ability to seek monetary relief for consumers

The Supreme Court has determined that the Federal Trade Commission does not have the authority to seek restitution or disgorgement under Section 13(b) of the FTC Act.

23 April 2021

Apple and Google face questions over alleged abuses of power

Officials from Apple and Google have attempted to fend off attacks from app developers and senators over the companies’ dominance of their mobile app stores.

22 April 2021

FTC commissioners call for legislation to cement disgorgement authority

All members of the Federal Trade Commission have urged Congress to act if the Supreme Court strips the agency of its ability to seek monetary relief for consumers under Section 13(b) of the FTC Act.

21 April 2021

Phillips: Interplay between trademark and antitrust law at stake in 1-800 Contacts case

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips has said an appellate court’s decision in the agency’s suit against 1-800 Contacts will provide clarity on the “interplay of antitrust and intellectual property and about the proper mode of analysis for these kinds of cases”.

19 April 2021

Wilson: Resolve Big Tech cases before reforming antitrust laws

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said she “would love to see the outcomes” of the antitrust cases against Google, Facebook and e-prescription technology company Surecripts “before we engage in sweeping overhauls and reforms”.

12 April 2021

Phillips less concerned with identity of companies when reviewing cases

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips has said he is less worried about which entity is the target of enforcement action and “more concerned with conduct the company is undertaking”.

07 April 2021

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