Region: Nigeria

Nigeria imposes interim measures on suspected airline cartel

Nigeria’s competition authority has imposed interim measures on nine regional airlines and an association to stop them imposing newly-implemented minimum rates for air fares, pending the outcome of one of the agency’s first-ever cartel investigations.

04 March 2022

African enforcers adopt joint approach in digital markets

Competition authorities in Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa have announced plans to harmonise merger notification frameworks and start sharing information as part of a push to “work more closely” in scrutinising digital markets across Africa.

21 February 2022

Nigeria opens excessive-pricing investigation

Nigeria’s Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has opened an excessive pricing investigation into the flour market, responding to concerns from a bakery association.

07 July 2020

Nigeria joins the club of African enforcers

After almost two decades of discussion, Nigeria’s government has enacted the country’s first competition law to establish a national competition authority and give the country’s president the power to regulate prices in any one sector.

07 February 2019

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