Region: Netherlands

ACM threatened with daily fines for investigation delay

The Dutch competition watchdog has until the end of this year to decide whether to issue sanctions in a confidential antitrust investigation or else it will be ordered to pay daily penalties, a local court has ruled.

15 September 2022

Google faces follow-on actions for self-preferencing in online ad market

Publishers will file follow-on damages claims against Google in the UK and the Netherlands, seeking up to €25 billion in compensation after France’s Competition Authority sanctioned the technology company last year for favouring its own online advertising services over rivals.

13 September 2022

Heineken should face damages claim from Greek brewery in Dutch courts, local AG says

Heineken’s Greek subsidiary should have foreseen that it could be sued in the jurisdiction where its parent company is based when it infringed competition rules in Greece, an advocate-general at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands has said.

07 September 2022

Dutch enforcer wants legislative fix for cloud competition concerns

The Dutch competition authority has proposed amendments to the draft European Data Act, after its cloud computing sector inquiry identified interoperability concerns in the already highly concentrated market.

05 September 2022

Dutch court accepts claims vehicle model in trucks litigation

A Dutch court has refused a request from the EU trucks conspirators to dismiss follow-on damages claims from over 700 companies that have been bundled into a single action, ruling that for-profit claims vehicles are not governed by collective action legislation.

28 July 2022

Dutch enforcer blesses Coca-Cola sustainability agreement

The Dutch competition authority has informally cleared a joint agreement between four soft drink suppliers to stop using plastic handles on drink multipacks after finding that the collaboration does not harm competition.

27 July 2022

Dutch tribunal reinstates original Sanoma/Iddink clearance

A first-instance court was wrong to force the Dutch competition enforcer to reinvestigate a merger between educational materials providers Sanoma Learning and Iddink after previously approving the deal with commitments, an appeals tribunal has said.

15 July 2022

Dutch enforcer allows CO2 storage collaboration due to sustainability benefits

The Dutch competition authority has informally allowed fuel rivals Shell and TotalEnergies to collaborate on carbon dioxide storage in depleted gas fields in the North Sea after finding that the arrangement will contribute to climate objectives.

28 June 2022

Apple ends Dutch dating app dispute

Apple has complied with the Dutch competition authority’s order to change its dating app store payment rules after racking up €50 million in penalties, although the company is still pursuing its appeal against the decision due to consumer privacy concerns.

13 June 2022

Dutch court rules economics minister wrongfully approved postal network merger

A Dutch tribunal has ruled that the country’s economics minister unlawfully overturned the national enforcer’s decision to block PostNL’s acquisition of a rival by issuing a special ministerial permit, although the buyer has claimed that the ruling has “no consequences” because its acquisition is now irreversible.

07 June 2022

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