Region: Netherlands

Dutch enforcer raids foods companies

The Dutch competition authority has raided multiple domestic and foreign companies in the food processing market, after the agency’s head previously warned it would be conducting more office searches.

01 December 2021

Dutch enforcer drops wage-fixing cartel probe

The Dutch competition authority has terminated a cartel investigation into supermarkets that allegedly fixed wages through an industry association, after a new collective bargaining agreement was struck between the employers and their employees’ labour union.

29 November 2021

Netherlands hits Samsung with first-ever vertical restraints fine

The Dutch competition authority has fined Samsung over €39 million for coordinating the prices of its televisions with seven online retailers, marking the first time it has ever fined a company for such behaviour.

29 September 2021

Netherlands reclears publishing deal with access remedies

The Dutch competition watchdog has conditionally cleared Sanoma’s purchase of a rival educational materials publisher after a court ordered it to re-examine whether the merged company could foreclose access to an online learning platform.

06 September 2021

Dutch tribunal rejects intervenors in PostNL/Sandd appeal

A Netherlands tribunal has held that a merger appeal is not the right forum for two companies to air their complaints that an already completed postal deal has induced the merged company to violate competition rules.

19 August 2021

Dutch authority drops RPM probe despite uptick in vertical enforcement

The Dutch competition authority has closed an investigation into alleged resale price maintenance in the home furnishings sector, in what appears to be the first case to be discontinued in line with the agency’s guidelines on assessing vertical agreements.

18 August 2021

Dutch court upholds Coca-Cola bottler probe closure

A Rotterdam court has confirmed that the Dutch antitrust watchdog was entitled to drop an abuse of dominance investigation into a Coca-Cola bottler after finding a full probe would be costly and out of line with the agency’s priorities.

02 August 2021

Dutch enforcer issues first excessive pricing fine

The Dutch competition authority has fined Leadiant Biosciences €17.9 million for charging excessively high prices for a drug used to treat a rare genetic metabolic disorder, marking the first time it has ever imposed a penalty for such an infringement.

19 July 2021

Dutch enforcer ends payment apps probe over legal barriers

The Dutch antitrust watchdog has closed an investigation into payment applications on smartphones, lamenting that it is unable to remedy its competition concerns under EU regulation.

05 July 2021

Legal monopoly does not equal dominance, Dutch tribunal rules

A Dutch appeals tribunal has confirmed the dismissal of the national competition authority’s highest-ever abuse of dominance fine because the enforcer failed to show that state-owned railway NS was actually dominant.

03 June 2021

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