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The Netherlands is known as a European hotspot for antitrust damages claims, but frequent appeals against fines issued by the Authority for Consumers and Markets and an enticing investment environment also keep Dutch competition practices busy.

11 December 2020

Dutch enforcer launches payment apps probe

The Dutch competition authority is investigating whether payment apps have been unlawfully restricted from accessing software in smartphones needed to provide contactless payment services.

04 December 2020

Dutch enforcer finds big tech is encroaching on payments sector

The Dutch competition authority has recommended that the European Commission use its proposed new gatekeeper rules to prevent large technology companies from dominating the payments market.

01 December 2020

Netherlands clears package holiday deal after Phase II probe

The Dutch competition enforcer has unconditionally cleared a three-to-two deal between two package holiday providers, finding that sufficient competition will remain in the market after the tie-up.

27 October 2020

Dutch enforcer hits cigarette cartel with €82 million fine

The Dutch competition authority has fined four cigarette manufacturers over €82 million for exchanging information about the future prices of cigarettes.

29 September 2020

Dutch enforcer raids home furnishing companies

The Dutch competition watchdog has raided several unnamed companies in the home furnishings sector over suspected horizontal price fixing and resale price maintenance, in its first inspection since suspending office searches in March.

18 September 2020

Dutch enforcer ends lengthy healthcare probe with divestments

The Netherlands’ competition authority has conditionally cleared a merger between a pair of elderly care home providers following an extensive in-depth probe, two weeks after a similar deal was abandoned over the length of the enforcer’s review.

12 August 2020

Dutch enforcer taking “leading role” on sustainability, lawyers say

Competition lawyers say new draft guidelines from the Dutch competition enforcer on sustainability agreements are flexible and innovative, but some have concerns that it could “open the door” for cartels.

10 July 2020

Dutch authority proposes sustainability agreement guidelines

The Dutch antitrust watchdog has issued new draft guidelines on how it intends to evaluate sustainability agreements, which would permit otherwise anticompetitive collaboration if the environmental benefits for society outweigh potential harm.

09 July 2020

Dutch court intervenes in postal merger

A Dutch court has reversed a precedent-setting government decision to overturn a merger block by the national competition authority, which tried to prevent incumbent PostNL from acquiring its rival Sandd.

17 June 2020

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