Region: Mexico

Mexican regulation favours big retail chains, COFECE finds

Mexico’s antitrust enforcer said national regulation is hindering the entry of companies that offer both retail and grocery products, which means big players such as Walmart go unchallenged in the market.

06 November 2020

Mexican digital markets probe may spark jurisdictional fight

Mexico’s telecommunications regulator has launched a wide-ranging investigation into competition in several digital markets, including online search and social media, although several lawyers expect the antitrust authority to battle for jurisdiction over the probe.

23 October 2020

Mexico probes digital ad market

Mexico’s competition watchdog has launched an abuse of dominance investigation into the digital advertising services market to determine whether market participants are complying with competition rules.

25 August 2020

Mexico doles out more gun-jumping fines

Mexico’s antitrust enforcer has fined Santander, Coty and two investment companies for gun-jumping as it continues an aggressive enforcement campaign against improperly notified deals.

12 August 2020

Mexico sanctions medical services cartel

Mexico’s competition enforcer has fined seven diagnostic equipment makers and 14 employees a reported €23.9 million for rigging bids to provide the country’s national health service with lab studies and blood bank services.

03 August 2020

Mexico fines energy companies for gun jumping

Mexico’s antitrust watchdog has fined four energy companies – including BAS Projects Corporation – for notifying an acquisition nearly a year after it was completed.

23 July 2020

France and Mexico bolster digital enforcement efforts

Mexico’s competition authority has created a new digital directorate, while France’s antitrust watchdog has named the head of its new digital unit.

17 July 2020

Mexican Supreme Court backs COFECE in energy dispute

Mexico’s highest court has blocked an allegedly anticompetitive regulation that would effectively create a de facto monopoly over wholesale electricity distribution, after upholding a request by the country’s antitrust watchdog.

01 July 2020

Mexican enforcer picks fight with government over electricity rules

Mexico’s antitrust watchdog has urged the country’s highest court to block a government regulation that effectively grants the state-owned energy company a de facto monopoly over wholesale electricity distribution, warning that it violates the constitution and harms competition.

23 June 2020

New competition enforcer proposed in Mexico

A Mexican lawmaker has proposed a new bill that would merge the country’s competition authority with its telecommunications and energy regulators.

12 June 2020

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