Region: Mexico

Mexico and Canada greenlight Dow/DuPont

Competition authorities in Mexico and Canada have conditioned their approval of the €140 billion Dow/DuPont tie-up on pesticide and polymer divestments, which the companies had already agreed as part of a global remedy package.

28 June 2017

Trump hand in antitrust and NAFTA exit are risky to Mexico and US

A competition enforcer said he “cannot imagine” the disruption that would be caused by the US leaving the North American Free Trade Agreement, and that he is concerned about political interference in US antitrust policy.

16 June 2017

Mexico penalises Pemex for non-compliance

Petróleos Mexicanos is facing a 369 million pesos (€18.1 million) penalty for failing to comply with three commitments it had agreed as conditions of closing an abuse of dominance probe by Mexico’s competition authority.

13 June 2017

Mexico fines roll-on roll-off shipping cartel

Mexico’s competition authority has fined seven shipping companies 582 million pesos (€28.5 million) for market allocation, marking the latest set of antitrust fines connected to the global roll-on-roll-off shipping cartel.

12 June 2017

Mexican enforcer fines Panasonic and Ficosa for failure to notify

Mexico’s competition enforcer has ordered Japanese electronics corporation Panasonic and Spanish auto parts manufacturer Ficosa to pay 56.2 million pesos (€2.7 million) for failing to notify a deal that cleared its merger thresholds.

16 May 2017

Mexico hits pension funds with billion-peso penalty

Mexico’s competition watchdog yesterday fined four pension funds and 11 individuals a total of 1.1 billion pesos (€52.7 million) – a record-breaking penalty for a cartel – after finding they had colluded to manipulate the national pension fund market by divvying up clients.

05 May 2017

Mexico fines avocado association for breaking commitments

Mexico’s Federal Commission for Economic Competition yesterday fined an avocado association 40.7 million pesos (€2 million) for breaking conditions reached in a 2015 settlement.

04 May 2017

China and Mexico clear ChemChina/Syngenta

Mexico’s competition authority yesterday required Syngenta to divest five products to have its deal with ChemChina approved, while China’s Ministry of Commerce unconditionally cleared the state-owned company’s acquisition of the Swiss agrichemical rival today.

12 April 2017

Mexico demands Boehringer Ingelheim/Sanofi animal health divestitures

European drugmakers Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi will have to sell five animal health vaccines to an approved third-party purchaser in Mexico to clear one of the few remaining antitrust hurdles facing the €22.8 billion asset swap.

11 April 2017

Telecoms regulator demands América Móvil split

Mexico’s Federal Institute of Telecommunications confirmed yesterday that it has ordered América Móvil to separate the provision of wholesale fixed local-access telephone service from its retail subsidiaries Telmex and Telnor – a demand that the company has vowed to challenge.

10 March 2017

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