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Appeal season: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 28 June 2019

Some important appeals are now on the docket. For the well-established Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the appeal will focus on whether the country’s Federal Court can accept a remedy that the antitrust watchdog found to be insufficient. For the fledgling Hong Kong Competition Commission, appeals have been filed against its victories in the territory’s first two cartel cases. It has also been an active week elsewhere in Asia-Pacific, with a couple of price-fixing decisions, the resignation of a competition boss and more.

27 June 2019

Malaysia launches IP guidelines

Refusing to license standard-essential patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms could run afoul of three separate provisions of Malaysia’s competition law, according to newly published guidelines on the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust.

29 April 2019

Malaysia seeks to have merger control by year’s end

Malaysia’s Competition Commission aims to implement a merger control regime by the end of this year, the authority’s chair has said.

07 March 2019

First bid-rigging fines handed down in Malaysia

Malaysia’s antitrust watchdog has issued its first bid-rigging infringement decision, fining eight companies a total of €419,635 for colluding in response to tender requests by the country’s only public arts university.

07 March 2019

Malaysia fights company’s refusal to pay abuse fine

An abuse of dominance fine that Malaysia’s competition watchdog imposed on the operator of the government’s electronic services platform has now quadrupled because of the company’s non-compliance with the enforcer’s infringement decision more than two years ago.

12 February 2019


30 October 2018

Malaysia appoints new chief executive and chair at MyCC

The Malaysian government has appointed a new chief executive at the country’s competition enforcer, three weeks after it installed a new chair at the same authority.

23 October 2018

Malaysia goes after Dagang Net

Malaysia’s competition watchdog has provisionally found that the country’s sole online customs communication platform abused its dominance by using exclusivity clauses with its partners and refusing to supply its mailbox software to non-partners.

19 July 2018

Uber/Grab deal sparks intra-governmental clash

The Philippine Competition Commission has ordered Uber to explain why it has discontinued operations in the country – despite the transport regulatory authority having ordered the ride-hailing company to stop business as part of its deal with taxi app Grab.

17 April 2018

UPDATED: Grab/Uber fight ASEAN enforcers’ interim measures

Uber and Grab have rejected the Philippine Competition Commission’s interim measures for their deal, and suggested alternative measures to the Singapore competition authority.

09 April 2018

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