Region: Malaysia

Malaysian court ruling restricts enforcer’s ability to appeal

An appellate court has ruled that the Malaysian Competition Commission cannot challenge decisions issued by the country’s specialist competition tribunal as part of a judgment confirming the overturning of a cartel fine against Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia.

29 April 2021

Malaysian enforcer fines customs platform for abuse

Malaysia’s competition watchdog has fined the country’s sole online customs communication platform close to €2.1 million for unlawfully imposing exclusivity clauses on software providers.

04 March 2021


Featured in GCR 100 2021

Malaysia’s competition bar is kept busy by an enforcer that has grown increasingly active in recent years, although the amount of work could increase even more if plans to implement a merger regime come into effect in 2021.

11 December 2020

Malaysia issues major insurance cartel decision

Malaysia’s competition watchdog has fined 22 insurance companies, including AIG and Allianz, a total of €35.7 million for fixing the discount rate on certain vehicle parts and the hourly repair labour rates.

30 September 2020

ASEAN agencies experiencing increased activity

Senior officials at competition authorities in Thailand and Myanmar have said that their agencies are fielding an increasing number of competition complaints.

03 September 2020

Malaysia highlights pervasive competition concerns in service sector

Malaysia’s competition watchdog has heard feedback that competition issues – collusion, price fixing, bundling, exclusive distribution and more – exist in the country’s service sector.

27 August 2020


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Malaysia accepts commitment to cease price-fixing probe

Malaysia’s competition watchdog has decided to forego any punitive measures and accept a commitment from a tourist guide association to not fix the minimum fees that its member guides charge.

05 September 2019

Appeal season: The Asia-Pacific Tipline for 28 June 2019

Some important appeals are now on the docket. For the well-established Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the appeal will focus on whether the country’s Federal Court can accept a remedy that the antitrust watchdog found to be insufficient. For the fledgling Hong Kong Competition Commission, appeals have been filed against its victories in the territory’s first two cartel cases. It has also been an active week elsewhere in Asia-Pacific, with a couple of price-fixing decisions, the resignation of a competition boss and more.

27 June 2019

Malaysia launches IP guidelines

Refusing to license standard-essential patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms could run afoul of three separate provisions of Malaysia’s competition law, according to newly published guidelines on the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust.

29 April 2019

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