Region: Lithuania

Lithuania blocks telecoms deal

Lithuania’s Competition Council has blocked a proposed tie-up between two telecom rivals, two years after the companies abandoned their first merger attempt over the enforcer’s competition concerns.

29 June 2021

Lithuanian appeals court backs enforcer in staggered payment dispute

A Lithuanian appellate court has confirmed that a state debt collector exceeded its authority by allowing a construction company to pay in installments a multimillion euro fine for entering into anticompetitive agreements.

22 February 2021

Lithuania: economist perspective

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18 December 2020

From the enforcer: Competition Council

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18 December 2020


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Lithuania’s Competition Council is one of the most active agencies in Eastern Europe, tackling cartel investigations and unlawful state aid.

11 December 2020

Lithuania cuts cartel fines by 80% due to covid-19

Lithuania’s Competition Council has slashed the cartel fines it planned to levy against two of the country’s largest film distributors and a cinema operator because of the covid-19 pandemic.

27 November 2020

Lithuanian government accuses energy companies of corruption and collusion

Lithuania's energy minister has filed an unprecedented €240 million standalone damages claim against Veolia and a local energy group for allegedly entering into anticompetitive agreements.

28 July 2020


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06 November 2019

Lithuanian postal incumbent offers access remedies to close abuse probe

Lithuania’s Competition Council has closed an investigation into the country’s state-owned postal operator for raising rivals’ costs, after the company agreed to give advance notice of price changes and make public tender procedures more accessible.

24 July 2019

Telecoms deal abandoned in Lithuania

One of Lithuania’s leading internet providers has abandoned its proposed acquisition of a rival after the country’s antitrust enforcer identified competition concerns.

22 July 2019

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