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Featured in GCR 100 2021

Latvia’s competition bar is one of the smallest to feature in GCR 100, but each firm works on several abuse of dominance and cartel cases.

11 December 2020

Latvia appoints new antitrust head

The Latvian government has appointed Juris Gaiķis as head of the country’s competition watchdog, although local lawyers have criticised his selection because of his lack of antitrust experience.

14 September 2020

Latvian court upholds €2.4 million bid-rigging fine

A Latvian court has upheld the national competition authority’s decision to fine two companies €2.4 million for rigging bids to supply public transport vehicles with cleaning chemicals.

24 April 2020

Latvia amendments prevent state from restricting competition

Amendments to Latvia’s competition law have come into effect, preventing public bodies from discriminating against private companies.

06 January 2020

Latvia issues highest fine for failure to provide information

Latvia’s competition authority has fined one of the country’s largest building materials traders €701,811 for failing to provide information during a cartel investigation.

06 December 2019


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Latvia raids construction companies

Latvia’s competition authority is investigating the country’s leading construction companies for allegedly entering into cartel agreements.

06 September 2019

DG Comp takes agro deal from national enforcers

The European Commission has required two industrial machine manufacturers to notify it of their proposed merger, though four national enforcers were independently reviewing the deal.

07 February 2019

ECJ rules on jurisdiction in airline predatory pricing dispute

The European Court of Justice has ruled that anticompetitive harm can occur in both the place where an unlawful agreement is made and the place where it is applied, allowing a Lithuanian court to adjudicate an airline dispute that one lawyer described as a “war of forums”.

11 July 2018

Latvia fines hub-and-spoke cartel

Latvia’s competition authority has fined three building material distributors €5.8 million for colluding in a hub-and-spoke cartel with two material manufacturers.

12 October 2017

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