Region: Korea, Republic of

Korea fines transport companies for bid-rigging

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has fined three shipping companies nearly €3.6 million for colluding to rig bids for transporting heavy equipment such as engines and forklifts over an eight year period.

08 November 2021

Korea hits Google with €150 million abuse fine

Korea’s antitrust watchdog has slapped a €150 million abuse of dominance fine on Google for preventing smartphone manufacturers from installing or developing competing mobile operating systems.

14 September 2021

Korea forces Google and Apple to allow third-party payment providers

Korea has passed highly-anticipated amendments to its telecommunications law, becoming the first country to prohibit Google and Apple from barring third-party payment providers in their application marketplaces.

01 September 2021

Dolby sanctioned in Korea for breach of patent obligations

Korea’s competition authority has fined Dolby Laboratories nearly €200,000 for abusing its superior bargaining position by restricting access to its essential patented technology during a dispute with a local set-top box manufacturer.

13 August 2021

Korea fines vehicle manufacturers for rigging fire department tenders

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has fined a pair of specialist vehicle manufacturers for rigging public tenders to supply firefighting and emergency rescue vehicles.

03 August 2021

Korea fines 24 concrete producers for price-fixing

Korea’s Federal Trade Commission has fined 24 concrete pile manufacturers a combined €74.9 million for colluding to fix concrete prices for construction projects.

26 July 2021

Potential Korean price-fixing penalties face strong political pressure

The Chinese government has expressed concern over the potential imposition of major fines by Korea’s competition watchdog against 23 liner operators – including some Chinese companies – for allegedly colluding to fix freight rates.

20 July 2021

KFTC hands out record whistleblowing reward

Korea’s competition authority has paid an individual a record 1.75 billion won (€1.3 million) for revealing the existence of a major scrap steel price-fixing cartel.

23 June 2021

Korea punishes railroad tie cartel

Korea’s competition authority has fined five companies that make railroad ties a combined €9.3 million for rigging bids on purchase orders called by state-owned and private companies.

11 June 2021

KFTC expands tech taskforce

Korea’s competition authority has expanded its technology taskforce to include a division focused on digital advertising and committed to putting more resources into the division probing in-app payments.

07 June 2021

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