Region: Kenya

Carrefour franchisee abused its buyer power, Kenyan tribunal rules

Kenya’s Competition Tribunal has upheld a decision by the country’s antitrust enforcer ordering Carrefour’s local franchisee to amend all of its agreements with suppliers that include provisions related to forced rebates and the return of stock.

27 April 2021

Kenya proposes easing cooperation rules

Kenya’s antitrust watchdog plans to allow competitor collaborations in certain “economic priority sectors” over the next two years to help spearhead post-covid-19 economic recovery.

04 February 2021

Kenyan court dismisses lawsuit against competition enforcer

A Kenyan court has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that the country’s competition authority failed to tackle the dominance of Kenya Power while rejecting a request to break up the incumbent electricity company.

26 October 2020

Kenyan brewer accused of bottle abuse

Kenya’s largest brewers are battling over the use of glass bottles, with one accusing its rival of anticompetitively embossing bottles with a logo to prevent competing brands from using them.

08 January 2020

Buyer power abuse banned in Kenya

Kenya’s president has signed off on amendments to the country’s competition law, which for the first time include a prohibition against the abuse of buyer power.

16 December 2019

Leniency unsuccessful in Kenya, says authority head

Kenya’s leniency regime is ineffective because companies distrust government bodies and are reluctant to “snitch”, the head of its antitrust authority has said.

26 November 2019


Featured in Competition Economics Handbook 2020

06 November 2019

Kenyan antitrust head: artificial intelligence could be catastrophic for Africa

The proliferation of anticompetitive algorithms could have potentially “catastrophic” effects for Africa, the head of Kenya’s antitrust enforcer has warned.

26 March 2019

Report shows Kenyan enforcer is “flexing its muscles”

The Competition Authority of Kenya has released its annual report, revealing details of several previously unpublished probes and a gun-jumping fine.

19 February 2019


30 October 2018

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