Region: Japan

Japan approves two-to-one banking merger

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has conditionally cleared a deal between two leading regional banks, following a reported dispute with the country’s financial services regulator about whether the deal should be waved through.

28 August 2018

Apple allegedly pressured Yahoo into backing off rivalry

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is reportedly investigating allegations Apple illegally pushed Yahoo Japan to cut back the development of Yahoo’s gaming platform that competed with Apple’s App Store

17 August 2018

Apple amends iPhone contracts in Japan

Apple has avoided a fine in Japan by agreeing to revise its iPhone sales agreements with three mobile network operators, following a request by the country's competition authority.

12 July 2018

Japan scrutinises mobile sector

Japan’s competition authority has criticised the country’s mobile network operators for imposing high contract cancellation fees and hindering the entry of mobile virtual network operators into the market.

29 June 2018

Japan files criminal charges in maglev probe

Japan is criminally prosecuting the country’s “big four” construction firms, accusing them of conspiring to fix bids for construction of a €69 billion magnetic levitation train line.

26 March 2018

Japan opens another Amazon probe

Japan’s competition watchdog reportedly raided Amazon’s corporate headquarters today on grounds it unfairly forced suppliers to bear the cost of the online marketplace’s site-wide discounts and operational improvements.

15 March 2018

Japan arrests two in railway bid-rigging probe

Two individuals have reportedly been arrested as part of Japan’s ongoing investigation into four construction companies over suspicions they illegally coordinated bids for a €68 billion high-speed railway construction contract.

05 March 2018

Not-so-big data

For the past several years, conferences, speeches and scholarship have made much of big data – the large, diverse and often anonymised sets of information that can be analysed to reveal trends and patterns. But at the on-the-ground level of active antitrust disputes, the question of access to more old-fashioned kinds of data remains an area of competition law and policy that awaits further resolution by courts and governments.

01 March 2018

Japanese enforcer hits HDD suspension cartel with €7.5 million fine

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined NHK Nippatsu and a subsidiary 1 billion yen (€7.5 million) for participating in a hard disk drive suspension cartel.

16 February 2018

White & Case grows in Italy and Japan

White & Case has expanded its global competition practice with a lateral hire in Milan, and the addition of a former official from Japan's Fair Trade Commission in Tokyo.

13 September 2017

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